Of Humanity And Cruelity

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This is story of a girl. A girl supposed to have a very soft heart. A very sensitive girl. Someone one could call as a compassionate person. I will tell you about how she acquired her pet, rather two pets. And how one was beaten by her father and the other was beaten dead by herself. Let me begin. She had gone to visit one of her relatives many years back. They had a litter of puppies. This girl fell in love with one of them and brought him back with her, only to face the wrath of her father. She was ordered to take the puppy back. This was a big shock and she was in tears. She talked about this with her other pet. A man. Someone she treated as her own child. They both cried together and this man prayed that the father allows her to keep her puppy. Ultimately the father relented after two days and all was well. One day some guests came to their home. The dog was tied and locked separately. But the dog wrongly thought that he was part of the family and wanted to mingle with the guests. The dog made a blunder by thinking like this. The family was not even of humans, nor of animals. Because even animals have compassion. These people belonged to some unknown cruel specie. True to character, the father took hold of the poor helpless dog and beat him blue. May Satan bless the father. Our girl of the story was heart-broken after this. She could not believe that her father could behave so cruelly. Next what? I told you in the beginning about a man, who was a pet of this girl. Do you recollect? Now was the turn of the girl. She made the man fall in total love with her and become totally dependent, emotionally. And one fine day, she started beating this man. Like the dog, this man was shocked and could not believe it. So he went to the girl again thinking of their love. He was beat up again. This continued till the man turned a lunatic and was killed in all the ways. After reading this story, will you have any faith left in words such as love, loyalty, truth, honesty, etc? Beware of humans. They turn into beasts. Befriend beasts. Because they always remain only beasts. They don't turn into something else. They will never turn a person into a lunatic.

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