Are You A Caring Lover?

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What kind of lover you are? Do you care for your beloved? Or you are more concerned about what you get in love? Those who care in love always win at the end. Because their care shows in their character and they feel good that they care about someone. Unless your love is not a synonym for physical relation, your love must transcend ordinary relationships. Let me give you an example. A mothers relation with her children is beyond and different from every other relationship. Similarly, if you truly love, you will care, because to love means to care. What about you? Are you a caring lover? Let me ask you a simple question. Your darling has not bothered to call you for few days. What kind of ideas do you get? Your answer to this question will tell you a lot about your love. Do you suspect that he/she might have fallen in love with somebody else/ or that they are not bothered about you? Or that there may be something wrong, otherwise it is impossible that your lover will not call. Unless your answer is the last one, you need to rethink about your relationship and you may not call it as love. To love means to give. Love demands that you keep your beloved happy. You forgive them for major blunders. You be with them through everything. Love means to become one with your sweetheart. Unless that happens, it is not love, but a pretense of love. If you love, you must care.

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