Do Capitalism Increase Disparity Of Wealth?

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The year is 1300 AD. The place in a small tavern in Peking. Somebody burst into the room. Alert! The mongol attacks with brand new weapons. What weapon? Catapult? Horse Archer? Gun? Nuclear Weapon? No. They subsidize their farm product and try to fire sell it to us here. Also many of their workers are willing to work here for cheaper price. Not to mention hordes and hordes of capital coming in to increase labors' productivity and sallary. We're invaded! Oh shit. We've been deceived... If we knew that's their weapon, we wouldn't bother building all this big wall do we? Nowadays, thousands of envy bigots driven by rage wage worldwide demonstrate against globalization. Their kind shall face more bitter judgments than the barbarians. If only our barbaric ancestors would see all the miracles and prosperity capitalism brings, they would have repented and embraced the free market. Repent for globalization is near. But why people oppose free market? Envy. Humans nature and preferences are fine-tuned for gene pool survival. That means we're selfish and evil. You see, women prefer the rich. When one male gets many women, the others don't get any. So when one male becomes succesful, the others will get in the way. That's why so many people oppose capitalism. It's not there to help the poor. It's not there to improve the economy. It's simply there to prevent you from getting rich. Guess what? It's not even work. Capitalism do not cause disparity of wealth. Capitalism simply changes the way such disparity is earned. In countries that oppose capitalism, like North Korea, wealth disparity exist anyway. Kim Jong Il, simply gets all the money by enslaving workers. I tell you the truth. Those who oppose globalization is more evil than Hitler or Nazi. If Germany and Japan could buy natural resources through trade they wouldn't have enough incentive to go to war. People like Hitler wouldn't raise to power. When we're not at war, we're in a race. That's simply the way we evolve. Those who oppose free fair competition is wanting the alternative. That's, in a sense, is the root of all evil. However, capitalism do cause wealth disparity in a way most people don't see. You see, due to envy, many capitalists are prosecuted. When women pick a financially irresponsible ghetto stud, it's humans' right. When women pick rich smart males in clubs, it's illegal due to anti prostitution laws despite being consensual. The former requires you to pay tax to support their kids. The latter will create more tax payers on your site. Why? Because people hate the more capable and want to exterminate them. So the most productive among us are often forced to inherit his wealth to just 1 kid. This while the poor split his wealth to 10 kids. If we make the same amount of money, and I make 10 kids, you make 1 kids, which one is more succesful? Does it make sense if my kids then complain that your kids are richer? Also, capitalists are often too nice that they love even their enemies. When we're too nice, we're not being fair. When we're not being fair, we do not properly align our interests with other humans. When those running the fastest don't hit the hardest, success will simply be a bridge to gas chamber. Perhaps this article can help encourage our truly endangered species, the capitalists, to make more kids, for everyone's sake.

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