Americans Really Do Get The Paper

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While you read this publication, you're far from alone. At least in spirit. Every day, more than 200 million Americans read one or more of the nation's 1,400 daily papers. There are six good reasons: 1. It's fun. Read the latest gossip, sports scores or movie reviews if you like; look at the cartoons or the comics; or read the editorials, letters from other readers and the columnists. You can discover the latest events, official announcements, inside stories and newest trends. From advice to the lovelorn to advice to the president, you can find some intriguing ideas in America's daily papers. 2. It's convenient. You can read the paper at breakfast, on the train, walking down the street or relaxing in an easy chair. You can get the information you want in the order and at the time and place you decide. 3. It's useful. You can read up on patent, copyright and trademark decisions to help you understand what the next big thing may be. 4. It's family friendly. You can cut out articles to show your youngsters and not have to worry about what they might stumble upon, as might happen with other media. 5. It's educational. When your children see you read the paper, they may be more inclined to read and learn on their own. 6. It may even help your mind stay sharp. Do the crossword puzzle or the number puzzle every day. Doctors say exercising the brain can help stave off dementia. Making the newspaper easier and more enjoyable to read is the kind of high-quality newsprint created by top-of-the-line paper machines such as those made by Voith Paper, Inc., one of the world's leading manufacturers of such machines. In fact, the company creates the machines for the production of one-third of all the world's paper.

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