Stun Guns: Why They Are So Popular

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Most people when they hear the words “Stun Gun” think of Star Trek or science fiction. Contrary to that belief, stun guns have become one of the most highly effective, widely used and very reliable in the arsenal of crime fighting tools. As time goes on, their use gains in popularity as a non lethal self defense weapon for individuals and a very potent weapon for law enforcement officers. HOW THEY WORK Stun guns temporarily incapacitate targets by sending a high voltage but low amperage charge of electricity to the nervous system. This causes a disruption in the body’s neurological impulses that control muscle movement overwhelming the neuromuscular system causing the victim to lose balance. It also causes temporary partial paralysis and depletes the body’s system of blood sugar (energy) making the body too weak to move. They cause no long term damage. The effects can last for several minutes. They do not rely on pain for results. The current cannot pass to your body thru the target. WHO USES THEM For would be victims of robbery, assault, rape, murder, kidnapping the site and sound of a stun gun's charge might be enough to deter an assailant. If not, then a 3-5 second dose of 700,000 volts will be enough for most people to escape the situation they are in. Women who live alone or work in isolated areas such as real estate agents are some of the many people finding stun guns easy to carry and conceal. School teachers, people who work late at night can defend themselves with stun guns with great effectiveness. They are small, easily concealed or disguised and easy to use. A stun gun is a tool in the fight against crime: it is not lethal and at best will give the victim 2-3 minutes to escape. Escape is better than the alternative. Brands such as Stun Master stun gun, Scorpion, Panther, Firefly, Z force stun gun and Talon stun gun have models that range from 80,000 volts to 975,000 volts. Stun guns can be disguised as cell phones, flashlights, or pagers for the element of surprise. Stun guns have rapidly become a popular self defense weapon of choice for many people in today’s crime ravaged society. Stun Guns are illegal in several states.

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