A Military Tribute

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It is truly beyond my abilities to express my gratitude and give my thanks to the military for their service to the world as they fight for our freedom. It is my hope that the following tribute will in part do that. We are at war! While we enjoy our comfortable homes, food on the table and clean water to drink, thousands of brave men and women of the armed forces are defending our homeland in constant danger, lack of sleep, cold, wet, filth, dust, trenches, hunger and longing for home, so that we may enjoy our freedom. They have put their personal lives on hold, left their families, comfort and all they know to go to another country and fight for not only the U.S.A. but the whole world. The United States is the only country who defends other countries and then returns it back to its people, enabling them to enjoy their new found freedom from tyranny. The military prevents terror from spreading throughout the world. So let's get behind our troops! Terrorists are brutal murderers without conscience. It is their determination to take out the U.S.A. at any cost and are currently infiltrating and targeting many strategic places of work, including government. They will be ready to strike again when the command is given just as they did with the Twin Towers. You can do your part to help prevent this again. We must be prepared. We, who have been left at home can also defend our country and there are many ways to do that, first, by defending and supporting our troops. Families should support their sons and daughters in their decision to defend our country. Suspicious activities should be reported. The media should also be supportive. Think how we could lift our troops morale knowing they have our full support. So the next time you are eating, drinking or having a wonderful evening of dancing, remember, remember who you owe that enjoyment to. Remember those families who kissed their sons and daughters good bye and had the heart wrenching experience of waving their heroes good bye; watching them until they are out of sight, not knowing when and if they will return. How can we ever repay our debt to these brave souls and their families? God bless and protect our heroes, our military men and women! God Bless America!

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