Year in review – Top 12 News stories of 2005


As yet another New Year dawns, it is time for us to look back on 2005 and view from the outside all that happened. There were joys, triumphs, and tears. That everything that happens is a learning experience is quite true. Among the many occurrences of 2005 news stories that were significant were: 1. Google made history in June 2005 as its share price made it the most highly valued media company. 2. Hurricanes of great intensity hit the US disrupting life in all its aspects. Of these Katrina was the worst and the long predicted nightmare for New Orleans came true. Attributed as an effect of global warming scientists are making all efforts to protect the country from disasters of this kind. 3. In research among the many achievements was the sequencing of the chimpanzee genome. Bringing mankind a step closer to understanding himself. 4. Oil prices skyrocketed to reach $3.07 a gallon in September. The rising demand for crude in the US and China contributed along with the hurricane along the Gulf coast to rising prices. 5. That Michael Jackson was a wacko was proven at court. 6. As promised by President Bush, Iraq went to polls on Dec 15 to vote in a constitutional parliament. 7. The investigation into the CIA leak resulted in Bush adviser Karl Rove being brought before the grand jury four times and the resignation after indictment of former chief of staff Lewis Libby. 8. President Bush was sworn in for the second term in January. He stressed the need to improve economy, provide reliable energy, improve student achievements, and improve health care. He emphasized that the US was working for good throughout the world. 9. The Chicago White Sox won the World Series. Their last wins were in 1906 and 1917—this win came after 88 years. 10. The life-or-death battle came to the forefront with the case of Terri Schiavo who was severely brain damaged. With a raging national debate, 20 states introduced or passed bills to state clearly the defining terms of consent and guardianship in relation to life-prolonging medical procedures. 11. Pope John Paul II died in April after having led the Roman Catholic Church for 26 years. 12. Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines the nations no 3 &4 carriers filed for bankruptcy. High labor costs and spiraling fuel prices put the carriers in bankruptcy court along with United Airlines. It was a year of great contrasts. There were triumphs and tears. In every field of endeavor be in business, entertainment, science, politics, or law there were ups and downs. There were valuable lessons to be learnt in many things as also a time for retrospection—are we headed in the right direction?

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