Cowboy Fashion Do's

Technically speaking, all Stetson Company hats can be branded as a Stetson. However, American popular culture has created for us the image of a Stetson hat as the classic cowboy hat. Cowboy hats are distinguished as having wide brims and high, distinctly-shaped crowns. Straw, fur, and wool felt are the common materials used for making these hats. Straw, aside from being cheaper, is the best hat for during hot weather. However, age and long wear might cause it to become brittle. For durability, fur felt hats of either beaver or rabbit are best though more expensive. If you think that you can put on any cowboy hat and it will do, you might be surprised that there are fashion do's and dont's when it comes to wearing one. Banish the thought that real cowboys only wear one hat. Real cowboys have several cowboy hats and other than function, they have other reasons. First, straw and hats of light color are fashionable and must be worn only in the summer or dry seasons. This is because they are airy, breathable, and as your science teacher always says, light colors absorb less heat. Second, the season for dark colored and felt hat is during the colder months. Aside from protecting the head against the bitter weather, these hats also absorb more heat, thereby keeping the cowboy warm. Though no clear reason is given why, white hats are no-no after the celebration of Labor day. You might just be branded as a fashion flop if you do so. Okay you got your hat and you know how to wear one, but still, it's not enough to project a cowboy image. Cowboys follow certain etiquette when wearing hats, and you would do yourself a good deed to do as they do. Cowboy hats are not worn indoors except in public places that are enclosed and large (malls, square dance halls). Like all other hats, take it off when seated at a table, especially during meals. Wearing it while dining gives the impolite impression that you're in a hurry to finish eating and leave. A big no is wearing it inside Churches. If you feel like wearing it in a church, by all means attend service at a Cowboy Church. Cowboys pay respect to ladies. Doff your hat to passing ladies by way of greeting and respect. Don't exclude men in uniform either. Church officials are also rendered the same courtesy. To do this properly, bow your head slightly at an angle and hold your hat by its crown. Lift it slightly as if taking it off, pause, and place it back. During services that require standing for a period of time (flag ceremonies, mass) hold your hat by its crown at chest level as if in a semi-hug. Now that you've learned your hat basics and etiquette, brush your cowboy hats and head out. The town needs you partner.

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