Fascist rocker loses her job!

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He's called Lycantrop. His article arrived directly to Viking's boss, before being published somewhere. Nobody knows how he got the address and the real name! This is how a few hours later Francesca Ortolani aka Viking, 23 year old video editor working for an American film maker and productions company, was dismissed. We don't know much about Francesca's boss. She greets him on the booklet of her cd "Gloucester Road". He's called James, but we don't know if this is the real name. We know that he's an old man, a film maker, a producer, he's american, he's a naturalist. I knew the story from Ashtree Records Press Room's spokesman Magnus Torricelli, an Italian blacklisted journalist who lives in the States, good friend of Viking's. "He must have stolen the address" says Magnus "I can't explain it. Francesca has never shown the videos on which she was working, so that nobody could relate her to J. and his team. This Lycantrop has no face, we don't know him. He's too coward to show his face." The British documentary Lycantrop wrote about is "Hate Rock" produced by Neil Mackay, awarded journalist and opinionist in Britain, who met Viking in March 2005 for an interview. I asked Magnus what the interview was for: "The interview was about white power music... you know, Francesca is a nationalist and she dedicates much of her music to these ideas. She's a well known songwriter and producer in this scene, so she was included in the documentary". If you think that under the political campaign everything is permitted you should read the article he wrote. The writer has a vivid fantasy! Lycantrop investigates Berlusconi's relationship with British media: "The Italians are not stupid and they understand that Berlusconi is controlling television, but they don't know that he also makes his propaganda with the friends of the NATO through the British television, the sanguinary face of angel Francesca "Viking" Ortolani and the sex-symbol Donal MacIntyre. Francesca Ortolani imported the documentary to Italy through a long passionate review so that she could capture the attention on herself and her friends. Meanwhile Donal MacIntyre builds his own alibi as anti-nazi saying that he was attacked by some of these undermen. People don't know that Francesca Ortolani aspires to work for the NATO and while she finishes to study, she has been inserted in the media well, to make her propaganda with subliminal messages, working as video editor for an American company. Who's piloting this? Bush, Blair and Berlusconi. Viking's university La Sapienza in Rome should expel her, but the Faculty of Engineering must be corrupted in the same game. Many professors work for companies that produce military devices." I'm external to the matter, I'm not "building my own alibi like Donal MacIntyre", I'm external even though I'm one of those 17000 downloaders (Magnus says the number is not updated), so I decided to meet Francesca Ortolani, the young singer Viking, for some questions. She meets me in front of the Faculty of Engineering and she asks me if I want to drink something hot. She looks friendly and I can tell Lycantrop her hair is true. She doesn't look neither like a nazi terrorist nor a member of the NATO. She has a teenage face, she's very shy, but she's a determined woman. I ask her what she will do with Lycantrop. "I don't know" she replies "I want to know who he is. I usually don't proceed against those who slander me, but this guy involved too many people in his stories and I don't want to see people fall for me, so I'd do it, I'd bring an action against him if the story doesn't stop here, but I'm not sure the other mentioned people in the article would be happy". She tells me about her job "I respect James' decision. This won't corrode our friendship. I understand his dreads. He worked a life to get his position. He's a great professionist, he formed a great team and I feel happy because I have been a little part of it. My work was to make trailers of his videos for the web and other channels. I was also starting composing some soundtracks for his documentaries". I tried to have James' contact directly, but the man wants to remain anonym so I asked Magnus if he could kindly forward my questions to him. This is James' version of the story: "I'm very sorry. I had told Francesca to stay out of white power music. She has nothing of that world! She's a talented songwriter, she has an enchanting voice and she did a great job for me. She's got the skills as editor and the touch and the experience of a producer though her age. I'm sorry, I must defend my work and my team". James is quite reluctant at talking. Magnus thinks his decision was very hard. For my fortune I could take another witness. It's N., 30 year old cameraman from Los Angeles who works for James. He met Viking in London for work recently: "She's cute. When you do my job you meet a lot of people every day and you know that you won't meet them again. One day I met Francesca. I was with J. We were filming ..." he doesn't tell me what they were filming and what Francesca was doing there "...and God exists. J. begged her to write music for us and make some promotional clips. Our crew is a small family and Francesca is like a sister. I don't want to lose her friendship. Lycantrop...idiot. I don't know who he is. If I knew it, he would be dead now". Lycantrop also accuses Viking to present her new album to Italy strategically during the campaign, to help Silvio Berlusconi and Forza Italia to get votes and sympathies for some of their initiatives such as the making of motorways, high-speed railways, re-introduction of nuclear power in this country. He accuses Magnus Torricelli "who lives in the States" to work behind and shuffle the cards writing that the documentary censured Viking, taking the attention on those censured parts, involving Neil Mackay and company as contributors to this hidden game. "I have never known this Neil Mackay, I don't know if he's tall or short, fat or slim" says Magnus "We aren't making any hidden game, instead I think and I wrote that the documentary censured Viking". Viking, a mysterious silent girl, looks at me first and after blowing on the hot tea cup she tells me "The Lycantrop should win a first prize for his novel. He had nothing better to do that night when he wrote the article. I don't serve any political party or candidate. This story must have been a joke but the real problem is how he got James' name and address." I ask her if she feels spied and persecuted and she replies "I don't know. I keep on living with prudence and responsibility. This time I don't think I'm the persecuted one and I have no bug...". Viking alludes to the fact that the article was put personally, not posted from a remote place, in the postal boxes of James and Magnus in USA. They live in different towns and states, they have never met before and they are only friends because they are friends of Viking's. The author is unknown, the target is unknown, Viking knows only that Lycantrop maybe knows Italian or somebody translated the article for him. James received a version in English and Magnus received the Italian version. Francesca didn't receive a copy of it. She doesn't know if the producer of "Hate Rock" and company received a copy because she heard nothing from them. She doesn't exclude more copies will be spread in Europe, so she's waiting. She doesn't exclude the article will be published outside the left-wing "collectives". Magnus Torricelli wants to denunce the "invasion of privacy", the film maker James "will do something", the cameraman N. seems more interested in the fact that Francesca is single at the moment. Silvio doesn't know anything of this story (officially). Donal MacIntyre has a new fan: Magnus' grandmother. Lycantrop has disappeared in the dark. Will he reappear in Europe? End of Episode I.

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