Time For Reflection

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When was the last time you stopped to reflect upon your life?? I was recently sidelined with a fall so have had a couple weeks when life has taken a decidedly different course than I am accustomed too. I’ve had to take a back seat and learn to accept life as it comes for a little while. Friends have been great to volunteer their services with meals, rides and dog walking duties. Even my pets have been extra solicitous. As a results I’ve had great cause to think about the wonderful things which my life provides. Friends. When was the last time you stopped to think about those you can truly call friends. I remember growing up that my parents told me that I’d find I had fewer friends the older you got. This is one time when I have to say this is not true of my life. Because I have been open to others I have experienced positive developments in more than one relationship. Health. We live in a society of increasing sicknesses and ills yet we are among the most healthy nations of the world. My fall required two separate trips to the hospital for diagnosis and medication. Although the wait in an emergency room is never pleasant, the staff treated me kindly and with respect and the doctors were knowledgeable and attentive. I am extremely grateful for medicine which has eased my pain and the easy access we have to professionals who can help us. Happiness. I have experienced considerable pain and discomfort over the past few weeks. Many would react to this circumstance with very negative feelings. I have found exactly the opposite. My heart has opened as I have been able to feel the warmth of others and I have appreciated the opportunity to reflect on the good things in life. In spite of the negatives which have come from this experience I can say I am very happy with my situation. The world often reflects back a bleak picture of life and we start to expect that things must always be rosy for us to be happy. I have learned that happiness comes from within as we traverse the vicissitudes of life and find ourselves with the choice of reacting in either a positive or negative manner. Are you happy with your world? Do you appreciate the many good things which life has to offer?? Take the time today to reflect and you’ll be surprised how much many reasons there are to keep going.

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