You Can Be A Faith Healer

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You can learn-almost immediately-to minister healing by faith. Yes, you can learn to minister healing by faith almost immediately. I believe that any believer can be a faith healer if they will just do what God says...if they will just act upon His word. Some of my earliest experiences ministering healing by faith came in a denominational church where I was pastor. I gave an invitation in one of our services for those needing healing to come forward. Between twenty and thirty people came forward for healing. Keep in mind please that these dear folk were weak in what the Bible said about healing. But they were ill and came forward anyway. My message that night was upon being healed by laying on of hands and/or anointing with oil. I proceeded to lay hands upon and anoint with oil all those who came requesting it. As the laying on of hands and the anointing progressed, things began to happen. Healings began to occur. One young lady said that when I laid hands on her for her healing, she felt heat come from my hands and enter her body. At that exact point in time she said she could feel all the pain and discomfort (caused from her sickness and malady) leave her. Another person who was standing next to one to whom I was ministering healing said they could feel the healing coming from that person into them also. They too were healed then and there. The power of God was strong in the place that night. One of these people had migraines that were debilitating to them. Yet they had been unable to get relief anywhere. That night perfect calm came over that person as the pain swiftly went away. All we were doing was acting on what God said in His word. They simply acted by coming for laying on of hands and anointing with oil and prayer. I simply acted by laying hands on them, anointing them and praying over them. This is the unbeatable combination for healing. Just obey what God says for us to do for our healing. Of course these are wonderful memories for me. These occurred when I was just starting out in the healing ministry. But even more wonderful and beautiful is this: God hasn’t changed His ways, His word or His healing delivery methods. These healing delivery methods still work when we work them. They are as valid today and as powerful as they were the first time I used any of them back in the early 80’s. You can be healed with them You can also (almost immediately) learn how to minister healing to others. Just get your Bible down and learn some of the eight ways God has chosen to heal His children. Then do what He says do in these Scriptures. When you act out what He said, the healing problem is passed on to Him. He must and will heal. You can learn to minister faith healing.

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