Criminal Background Checks: A Necessity In Our Society?

Everyday the news tells of violence in the workplace and sex offenders on the prowl. The scary thing is that you usually never know who these people might be until it's too late. How many times have you seen an interview of someone describing an accused criminal as the nicest person you could ever know? They would have never suspected this person of committing any crime until the crime had already been commited. A criminal background check could have easily put up a red flag about this person and it might have prevented a future incident. With the popularity of internet dating, the threat of sex offenders seems to increase daily. It is estimated that the number of Americans using online dating services like and is in the tens of millions. Sex offenders now have easy access to millions of potential victims. So how do you protect yourself? You should obtain a criminal background check on anyone you meet online before ever agreeing to meet with them and never agree to be alone with them until you feel safe. When your safety is in question, don't take a chance: get a criminal background check. Violence in the workplace also seems to be on the rise. According to USA Today, an average of one employee is killed in the workplace every week in the United States. Furthermore, at least 20 workers are seriously injured in violent attacks by a current or former employee. How could these brutal attacks have been prevented? In most cases, a criminal background check could have revealed a history of violence and may have prevented many incidents from occuring. It is now more important than ever to know if someone has a criminal background or history of violence before you hire them. The process of obtaining a criminal background check on someone used to be a hassle. It took someone with specialized knowledge and a whole lot of effort to gain access to public records of all sorts including criminal records and civil records. Now, because of the speed and convenience of the internet, obtaining a criminal background check on virtually anyone in the United States (and even Canada and the U.K.) could not be any easier. Whether someone has an unpaid parking ticket, or has been convicted of a felony, these public records are all available to anyone. A criminal background check can and should be used in any situation where safety is an issue. It is extremely difficult for anyone to know you are investigating them so you can conduct one in complete anonymity. Don't become a victim of violence when you can protect yourself in such an easy and valuable way: do a criminal background check.

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