Galileo Telescope app

One telescope maker that has been making a name for itself over the last few years is Galileo Telescope. This company, based in India, prides itself on offering excellent telescopes and one-on-one service with knowledgeable people who use the telescopes themselves. This allows Galileo Telescope to not only offer excellent optical equipment, but also excellent customer service. Begun in India in 1989, Galileo Telescope began its life by offering telescopes for Indian amateur astronomers who need a quality telescope for their stargazing needs. Determined to set themselves apart from the rest of the market, Galileo Telescope came out with an 8-inch telescope, which is rather large by Indian standards. And, even more, Galileo’s first telescope was easy to use, allowing even novice astronomers to learn it quickly. With this success under their belts, Galileo Telescope continued to innovate. First, they developed a reliable, easy to operate mount that allowed amateurs to have a stable platform for their telescopes. Then they stretched out to create larger telescopes for deeper explorations of space, while also creating portable models that made for easier carrying and transportation. Additionally, Galileo Telescope is the only Indian company to offer its customers Dobsonian telescopes. This large, rugged and reliable design is well known and familiar to amateur astronomers, as it makes large-aperture telescopes an affordable option for the backyard skywatcher. While made from a simple, Newtonian design, its simplicity allows it to be a very reliable and very powerful option for people who want to peer into the vastness of space. For those who want the challenge of building their own telescopes, Galileo Telescope also offers an excellent selection of lenses, mirrors, eyepieces that will allow amateurs to create a telescope to their own specifications and give themselves the view that they uniquely desire. And, for the nervous novices who want a little more help with their telescope building adventures, Galileo also offers telescope kits that will allow them to build their own telescope and learn the inner workings of optical instruments in a less risky situation. In addition to their standard line of Dobsonian telescopes, Galileo Telescope also offers a wide range of equipment for a variety of needs. Whether it might be a spotting scope, binoculars, a tripod or a refracting telescope, the people at Galileo Telescope are always eager to use their expertise to stretch themselves into new areas. And, as Galileo expands their reach into new realms, rest assured that they are just as committed to crafting some of the finest optics available. For people who want a telescope that has been created, tried and tested by people who use the optics they offer, Galileo Telescope is an excellent name to trust. They pride themselves on designing and creating excellent telescopes that they are willing to stand behind and support. And with their one-on-one support, they will be able to help anyone who has questions or needs assistance with their products. All of which makes Galileo Telescope a company that amateur astronomers can turn to when they want to turn their eyes to the heavens.

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