Men – Why Do You Batter Women?


In this century when we all talk of exploring mars and reaching help to the deep corners of Africa, is it not only surprising and also shameful that some men batter their wives? Whatever we say, we cannot deny that women are getting battered. A syndrome has also been names after this - Battered Women syndrome. Why should men beat women? Let us look at this barbarism. Frustration must be one of the reasons. Do men enjoy taking out their frustration of career failures and problems on women? Or they are sadists? If they do not like their woman, they should separate. How can they be allowed to beat women? That is reprehensible and barbaric. How can an educated man beat a woman? What drives him to do that? Is their any profile of such men who do this? What if the woman is not meek and retaliates. There will be bloodshed. Why a beautiful relationship reaches such depths is beyond my imagination and thinking. How society allows this. Why such men are not boycotted from the society? What is the problem with such men that they batter their woman? As men, we are protectors of women and not supposed to beat them. Why do we men do it? In a survey in India, it was found that a majority of men who beat women come from highly educated class. This is more shocking. These men keep a mask of good behavior in society and beat the woman in the confines of their home. Please let all men decide that come what may, they will never ever batter their woman. That is inhuman.

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