How Do You Know If Your Charity Wristbands Donation Is Getting Where It Should?

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You might have seen your friends and other people wearing colorful wristbands. After all they have become a great sight and an evolving fashion trend as well. But do you know that they are actually available in large numbers as charity wristbands? And as you buy charity wristbands , all the money that you spend on them goes straight for the charity that the band is supporting. But the matter of the fact is how do you know if your charity wristbands donation is getting where it should? Can they be really trusted? Before we discuss this major aspect of charity wristbands, it is important to know what charity bands are and how do they work. So, let’s have a sneak peek at charity wristbands. The charity wristbands are among the most popular trends of the new Millennium. Wearing a charity band is to display publicly one’s support for the particular noble organization. When you donate to any particular foundation or organization, they give you a charity wristband as a token of appreciation. Initially made famous by the Livestrong wristbands in yellow color from Lance Armstrong Foundation, the present day wristbands can be availed in any texture or color and size. Generally they are made of rubber or plastic, while there are also some made of wood, metal or string. Their color actually tells you about the cause they are promoting. For instance, the wristband of green color supports the cause of Cancer with the message ‘Reach the Day’. Buying charity wristbands and donating money to the charity is indeed a worthy cause but it should always be carried out with honesty. There are some allegations against buying wristbands for charity. Some people think it is as waste of money on the name of charity. According to these people, by the time the band’s cost and other commissions get in place, a very little amount is left on the name of charity in the end. And this is a fact about these charity bands that people ignore. After you pay the charity as a wristband and wear it on your wrist, awfully little amount actually comes to the people who need charity. As you want to check the genuineness of charity bands and want to know whether your charity is going where it should be, I want to ask you why don’t you go and donate directly. The act cannot charitable when you are buying and using the bands as a fashion accessory or item. You are ready to pay four times more of what they cost because you want to own them, as they look COOL! This part of the charitable act makes it really sad. Another very important thing for you to know is that due to the rising popularity of these charity bands, there are many such fake items available in the market as a piece of charity. The market is full of them and they are available very easily. The main motive of these fake bands is to attract fashion crazies. Many US schools have forbidden the entry of bands as they are cheating children. The vendors are selling such bands for their own profits, so where is the charity? There is a word of caution about these charity wristbands: Make it sure that you buy the charity wristbands from the authorized sources. Only then it will go where it should be and the needy will be benefited.

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