If You Get Paid, Your Work Is Not Done

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If you are one of the 156 million workers in America who gets a paycheck, it may pay to take part in a new online payroll survey. The "Getting Paid In America" survey, sponsored by the American Payroll Association, gives America's workers more than just a chance to win a free paycheck and a trip to Las Vegas. It also gives them a chance to weigh in on important payroll issues that affect everyone who receives a paycheck. Challenges presented by an increasingly competitive global economy are forcing corporate America to look at new technologies and processes designed to improve the efficiency of payroll processing. However, these new technologies raise many questions-such as how will personal information stored in company databases be secured? Or how will companies fail-safe disaster recovery plans to ensure that employees get paid even in the event of a hurricane or other natural disaster? The free online survey is open to all U.S. workers. It takes only minutes to complete and poses simple but important questions on payroll-related issues that ultimately help the payroll industry address the issues that affect how America's employees are paid. Based on final results, payroll professionals will aim to improve service while dealing with such issues as disaster recovery, payroll cards, biometric technology, offshoring of payroll functions and identity theft. Last year, more than 29,900 workers responded to the survey. The online survey is conducted as part of the annual National Payroll Week.

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