Start A Crusade To Help Difficult People Чистка ноутбука

Countless sad songs have been dedicated to lonely people who can’t seem to cope up with the world. A hit song in the seventies lamented that “sometimes it feels like you and me against the world.” For all we know, it might be that most of us think the whole world is against us in some way or another. Difficult people are among the lonely. In their inability to cope with their surroundings, they are often avoided by other people. But in their need for acceptance, they force themselves to be acknowledged by others. The conflicts that result make them difficult people to be with. And as more people end up being difficult, the number of lonely people in the world swells to multi-millions. This is a most overlooked dire need that persists through the ages - it is deemed that many lives are destroyed more by this malady than by wars, famines, and plagues. Anyway, we can start a crusade to help difficult people overcome their attitude by paying sufficient attention to them rather than by becoming curious on their personality alone. Helping a difficult person overcome his attitude means one less lonely person in the world. Think of what can happen if each of us “adopts” a difficult person. That will spell lots of relief to the rest of the world! It is easy to conquer difficult people. You only have to make sure that you are not difficult yourself. It is quite hard to check yourself for difficult attitudes if you do not know what to look for. A checklist from experts who really conquer difficult people, or from those who have overcome being difficult, will help tremendously. The checklist may look something like this: 1. Do you like meeting and being with people? 2. Can you accept them as they are? 3. Do you easily forgive offenses? 4. Are you easily hurt by what people do or say? 5. How do you take life or work pressures? 6. Have you been abused? 7. Are you a loving person, and do you express love too? Once you are sure that you are not a difficult person, you can start your crusade. You can help difficult people by: 1. Listening sincerely. 2. Being agreeable. 3. Being quiet most times. 4. Smiling. 5. Becoming an indispensable friend. 6. Correcting then without being obvious. 7. Teaching them to love through your love for them. Help a difficult person and you make this world a better place to live in. Help some more and you are well on your way to building a paradise.

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