Subliminal Messages, Potentially An Important Tool

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Subliminal messages have many uses. Some are good and many are bad. Since I am a positive person I want to in the next few paragraphs think about all of the potentially good uses of these messages to our sub-conscious. First though you need to understand the power of the human mind and how much what you think affects your outcomes. Think about all the ways that positivity makes good things happen. In sports is a great example. Especially at the elite level it isn't the athletic ability that separates those guys and gals. What separates them is their mental game. How strong are they under pressure, how much can they push themselves, do they think that they are going to be successful or fail? In every case it is those athletes that don't even think about or worry about failure that are wildly successful. So what does this have to do with subliminal messages? Right? Well as sports psychologists have looked into the differences between successful and unsuccessful athletes they have found something very interesting that goes on in the human mind. They have found that attitudes about winning and failure are not right on the surface of the conscious mind. It makes sense too because their sports don't allow much other than the immediate action fill their conscious mind. So how are the good athletes positive? Well psychologists have found that they have an all encompassing positivity about life in general not just their sport. This positivity resides somewhere in their subconscious minds which is exactly where subliminal messages have their effect. The cool thing is that this isn't necessarily a permanent thing. This is cool for athletes that are very talented but just need a boost in the mental game and it is especially good for the sports psychologists because they wouldn't have a job if it weren't for the ability to train someone to have a winning attitude. Various techniques are use such as conscious visualization of success in their sport, or cognitive behavioral therapy which trains a person to make positive assumptions in their conscious and subconscious minds, and subliminal messages which they have found is a great way to provide athletes with the mental edge of positivity that resides mostly in their subconscious.

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