How To Write Headlines that Get Your Dating Profile Noticed loans

Jayne Parke In order for you to get other online daters to stop and read your profile you need to create an attention grabbing opening line, often referred to as a tagline or headline. Do not underestimate the importance of having a headline. Besides your photo, it is one of the main factors in determining whether another dater will give your profile a second look. Studies show that if online daters don't find anything to attract their attention in around 10 seconds or less, they move on to something else. You probably do the same, we all do. Just think about this for a minute: When you read the newspaper or magazine, what draws your attention to a particular article or feature? Yes it's the headline. Its the headline that causes you to either keep reading or move on to another story or article. Now you may not be consciously aware of this, but your mind filters out information that's not relevant to you, and at the same time you are drawn into information that is relevant and appealing. You are actually drawn in or away by the headline. Which means your headline has just one job: To stop your reader in their tracks, and force them to read the second sentence of your ad. There are two ways to apply this simple principle to your profile headline: 1. Using Self Interest Headlines - This type of Headline focuses on benefits that will interest the reader. It telegraphs the benefits that they will receive if they stick around. It is also very effective. Online daters tend to scan through profile headlines and are only drawn to the ones that offer them a benefit of some sort. Understand that one of the things going through the readers mind is: "what in it for me?" If you can answer that question for them in your headline you will have grabbed their interest. So offer benefits, appeal to your readers desires and emotions and offer to fulfill their needs in your headline. By doing this you will be able to bypass their mental filtering systems and get their full attention! 2. Using Curiosity Headlines – This type of headline arouses the readers’ curiosity so they are compelled to read further. Asking intriguing questions is a great way for you to achieve this and draw them in. Curiosity is one of the strongest emotive incentives. You should use it, and use it wisely. When you arouse your readers curiosity, they will be compelled to read further into your profile. If you write with passion and emotion your readers will feel it to. Try to create the exact energy of what you want. A great headline is not always about you. Remember this; your readers won’t really give a damn about exactly what you are looking for or how tall or blonde you are unless it gratifies them to do so. You want to give them instant gratification. Give it to them with your headline. A powerful headline takes advantage of your readers curiosity. Appeal to their emotions and watch your responses grow. Here are a few guidelines on what to avoid. 1. Avoid anything with sexual connotations or innuendos like "sex goddess" or " great in bed" 2. Avoid obvious statements like "looking for true love" or "looking for soul-mate" 3. Avoid anything un-imaginative like "hi, I'm Gemma" or "hello, my name is Wayne" 4. Avoid pleading headlines like "please read my profile" or "please don't ignore me" 5. Avoid anything negative like "losers don't apply" or "no liars please" When you take the above guidelines into consideration you will greatly increase the chances of your profile actually getting read!

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