Everything You Do Is Right Day


16th March is celebrated as the day when whatever you do is right. This is a very exciting thought. I searched for the origin but could not find any clue about how this day began. What precisely does this mean - Everything you do is right. Let me put my ideas across about this day. In our everyday life whenever we do anything, it can be called right or wrong. Many a times, not only others, but we ourselves are in doubt about the right action. This creates anxiety and makes every decision making job a tough job. This dilemma about right or wrong takes the pleasure away from life. Children, especially very young children don't have any such dilemma. They do whatever they want and they do it with fun. They enjoy everything and never question if their action was right or wrong. They leave that decision to their parents. What a tension-free life do these children live! Don't you envy them? For one day, say we drop our critical analysis of all our actions and do whatever we think best and don't think twice about why? Normally, if you have to take a decision about firing an inefficient employee and save money for your company, the decision is tough. Either way, you feel bad. On 16th, if you take a decision about any such issue, treat it as right. This is a very good concept to feel stress-free in life. If we follow this everyday in our life, we can beat a lot of stress. Think, deliberate, weigh pros and cons, and discuss. After considering every aspect, take a decision and then stop analyzing that again. Most of us do all this, but continue agonizing ourselves after taking a decision. Does this help? No. This is a sure formula for a stressed life. Beat stress in the way I suggested above and relax. All of us make our life difficult with our style of functioning. It is for us to change our style and enjoy living. Let us celebrate each day of our life as 'everything you do is right' day.

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