Do You Look Friendly? Take These Quizzes

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Most of us visit gardens. Many times, we see the gardener working. How many of compliment and stop by the Gardner to ask about his life? We visit museums. Do we bother to meet the Administrator and congratulate for the good work being done by him/her? We come across many people in our life such as milkman, sales persons etc., but we never try to connect with them as human beings. We are always in a hurry to finish whatever it is and move. Does this attitude connect us with people? Does it make us happy? With little change in our approach, we can become very friendly persons and get happiness as a reward. Ask a cabbie driver about his/her life and you will wonder about the kinds of problems these persons face. Our own problems will begin looking small. But we are always occupied. We have no time. If you have lot many problems and find life tough, try this. Enter cancer ward of your nearby hospital. Meet some patients and talk to them. It will give you a new insight about life and the struggles. Reach out to people and be friends with them. Share your life with them and listen to their stories. You will be amazed at life. We forget that our world does not consist of only our family, friends, our work place and ourselves. Our world has many more people. The only difference is that we can ignore them. But that does not make us better human beings. We become better by connecting with people who have no work with us. That kind of relationship is totally selfless, pure and beautiful.

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