Marriage Or Prostitution

It is said that prostitution is the oldest profession in the world. To prostitute means to give someone the right to use the body for a sum. Do all the prostitutes sell their bodies for money only? Some might be selling their body for food, or a gift or something else. So, we can say that prostitution means selling the right to use the body for something in exchange. I want to talk about a marriage where a woman sold her body for money and also few other things. She is the heroine of this story and lives in a conservative society, where pretenses are at times more important than truth. Our heroine was in deep love with a married man but had no guts to say so. Therefore she agreed to marry the villain of this story, a man who proposed marriage in front of her father. While getting married to this person, she cheated him. She lied to him by hiding her real love. But that is not the point of my story. Let me come to the basics. Our heroine was married to the man/villain in full public view, so she had no reason to deny that marriage unless she divorced him. She never loved him, but carried on with this man and let him brutalize her in all the ways possible. At times, he raped her seven to eight times a night. Was this a marriage or did she sell herself like a prostitute for something? Let me elaborate further. What did she get in return of giving away her body? Her parents had spent quite a lot of money on the wedding. If she divorced this man, her parents might have got a bad name in society. I am talking of conservative countries and not developed nations. So the first thing she gained by selling her body was the peace of mind her parents got by looking at their daughter. That peace was totally false, because the daughter was neither truthful to them nor to society. But even knowing all this, the parents had a peace of mind that the society thought about the daughter as a happily married woman. Let the reality be totally different. It were pretenses that mattered. So the first gain - False peace of mind for parents that society thought of the heroine as a happily married person. There are many more things, all totally wrong that our heroine of the story got for selling her body. Let us look at some more. This girl had got a baby out of getting repeatedly raped by this man. The baby called this man/villain her father and it seems that the father loved the baby. Why and if it is really true, is known only to this man. But outwardly he showed love. A man who can brutally use a woman's body repeatedly, can love anything living is impossible to comprehend. But this was shown to the society. Our heroine got her second payment as a man called father for her daughter out of rape. What else? This man/villain said that he had no one else except our heroine in the world to call as his own. He knew it very well that the heroine was not in love with him, but had married him under compulsion of so many other factors. But he emotionally blackmailed her saying that if she left him, who else was there for him? Please therefore stay with me, keep the pretense of a married couple in public and let me rape you whenever I wish to do. The third profit was emotionally giving into the blackmail of a brute. Let me list one more gain, though there were many more. Our heroine had no strength of character or guts to come open and say that I want to separate. She did not want to face the possibility of living alone. She did not want to lose her respect in the society. So she continued. And the biggest gain? Before I tell you about that let me add something. Our heroine was in love with someone else as I told you in the beginning. This man wanted her to come to him and denounce the marriage to the brute. He was desperate for that because he could not tolerate the rapes. They were killing him. But if our heroine does that what would she tell her daughter when she grows up? She had no guts to tell her daughter the truth. So she continued prostituting herself not only in body but also in mind, character and truth. In the whole process, she managed to kill a person who was in deep love with her and could not tolerate the rapes. She gave him a bigger blow when he realized that she believed in living a liars life forever. This man got totally broken and might have killed himself, if God had not saved him. I wonder if our heroine, the brute or the parents will ever get any peace. Untruth never gives peace but shows the path to hell. Who is a better person? A prostitute who openly trades or our heroine? Make your own decision.

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