Silicon Wristbands – Enhance Your Personality

Wristbands/bracelets are encircling strips that are worn on the wrist to enhance the personality of a person. The term is used to refer to bracelet-like bands of a wristwatch, worn to the cuffs or to the sleeves that cover the wrists. They are also used to decorate the wrists or act as functional bands worn over the wrists by both men and women. One of the best types of wristbands includes the loops of plastic that are placed on the wrists for identification purposes. With the hype of charity spreading far and wide, silicon wristbands/bracelets are much in vogue in today’s world. The bracelets are worn to demonstrate the wearer’s support for a cause or charitable organization and are similar to awareness ribbons. Silicon bracelets/wristbands were first made by charitable organizations as a way to demonstrate support for a cause. That particular silicon wristband was yellow “Livestrong wristband” created in 2004 by the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Silicon web wristbands/bracelets The other type of silicon wristband/ bracelet is called web band. It is basically an online band that can be purchased through Internet. Although the band evokes a sense of surprise, yet the cause of purchasing the bracelet is noble. Just the moment you make an online purchase of the web band, the price goes to the cause in question. Not only do the silicon bracelets establish the world of fashion, but they also contribute to the charitable missions of today. Depiction of colors in silicon wristbands/bracelets The companies of today make custom bracelets for small organizations that are interested in raising funds for awareness purposes. The most interesting part of silicon bracelets is their color significance. Following are some of the different colored bracelets depicting different thoughts and ideas: §Black – denotes mourning on someone’s death §Black/white – denotes anti-racism [stand up and speak up] §Dark-blue – denotes anti-smoking, anti-child abuse, colon cancer awareness, pro-peace, diabetes cure and catholic relief services §Electric-blue – cystic fibrosis awareness, anti-drunk driving, organ transplantation, anti-drugs, pro-tolerance, got guts, pro-life, Ford Fan day, and stand strong against wrong day §Camouflage – support our troops §Light blue – autism awareness, arthritis awareness, hurricane relief, prostrate cancer awareness and fight hunger/cultivate peace §Lavender – epilepsy awareness §Green/blue – anti-sectarianism §Dark green – better hearing awareness §Gold – children’s cancer awareness §Light green – rainforest preservation, pro-ecology, kidney disease awareness, organ donation, ovarian cancer awareness, army support, genocide ending mission §Orange – self harm awareness, leukemia awareness, and bowel cancer research §Pink – diabetes awareness, breast cancer awareness, chronic pain awareness §Purple – animal rescue awareness, asthma awareness, pancreatic cancer awareness §Red - AIDs awareness program, anti-tobacco, labor party, cystic fibrosis band together campaign, love/hope support program §White – chastity/abstinence, innocence and peace §Yellow – work safe week, Parkinson’s disease awareness and all cancers day Silicon wristbands/bracelets are simply wonderful and add a lot of meaning to the personality of the person.

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