Is The World Getting Sicker More Depraved?

If it's true that the Internet reflects our society then one can only conclude that the World is indeed becoming sicker and more twisted everyday. Porn on the Internet is nothing new, in fact it's the number one money earner and has, to a large degree, helped propel it to where it is today. This fact alone is really no surprise to anyone as the very nature of the medium allows people anonymity which is perfect for the 'pervert' that lurks within us all. But it's interesting to note a new 'craze' emerging which are sites loaded with weird videos, bizarre pictures and weird confessions. Some of these sites are so popular that they are making their creators thousands of dollars a day according to a recent study. What is it about our society that makes people so interested in seeing the latest 'beheading video' or the current media darlings 'nipple slip' photos that 'accidentally' got released to the press. Why do we love to see people fighting, vomiting, having accidents or some other socially offensive and sometimes morally reprehensible activity. I believe the answer is simple. The Media. In a bid to get higher and higher ratings TV stations are going further and further to shock their audiences and compel them to keep watching. This is then reflected in other media; newspapers, magazines, books, billboard advertising, popular music etc. It should therefore come as no shock that this relentless search for the next shocking and disgusting event has found it's way onto our computers and into our living rooms. The conservatives and the church have been fighting a losing battle against this onslaught of 'perversion' for years and show no sign of abating or getting any closer to a 'victory'. The sad truth is they will never stop it or even put a tiny dent in it's continued growth. There will always be way more sick degenerates than these moralizing, overbearing protectors of society and they will ultimately fail. This will never prevent them from trying as it is their mantra and the whole reason for their existence. Without sick, twisted and depraved people what would these good folk do? They may be forced to actually look at their own lives for a moment instead of prying into others with their 'good intentions' and their 'we know best' attitudes. There is more money to be made in a sick, twisted and perverted society and marketers and the Media are only to aware of this. The fact is our society IS sick and twisted and whether we like it or not it's getting worse. I say this not as a judgement but more as a realization of the truth.

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