Where Did The UGG Boot Appear From?

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The ugg boot originated in Australia where the term was used to describe any boot made of sheepskin. The word ugg was thought to have stemmed from the word ugly as the boots were not deemed to have been very aesthetically pleasing. So, how did they develop from the ugly boot to the must have fashion item of the past year? The ugg boot was used by pilots in World War I as its fleece lining was ideal to keep their feet warm. For the same reason it is believed that farmers from as long ago as the 1930’s wore the boots in the fields. The boots grew in popularity in the 1960’s when surfers would put them on when they came back to shore and they then started to be worn around the house as extravagant slippers during the winter months. These ugg boots are still made by many manufacturers in Australia – remember that the term ugg is used for a style and it not a brand name there – but they are now having to market them as Australian Sheepskin Boots and not Ugg Boots. This is because a US company has been founded called UGG Australia and Ugg Boot is now a registered brand name. Nobody quite knows when these boots became a fashion item and stopped being used for practical reasons alone. Obviously, their comfort, warmth and practicality have helped them grow in popularity but nothing sells a product as well and as quickly as celebrity endorsement and Ugg boots have had an awful lot of that. Celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Pamela Anderson, Kate Moss and Sienna Miller have all been seen wearing them and openly confess to being fans of the footwear. Sheepskin Ugg boots are available in two different lengths – tall and short. The tall version almost comes up to the knee whereas the shorter style is not much more than an ankle boot. They can have a flat heel or a slightly raised chunky one and can be lace up or slip on styles. The boots are available in shades of brown and beige, in addition to which are the pink and purple ranges available in women’s sizes only. By now you have probably gathered that the Ugg boot is ideal to wear in cold weather as they keep your feet lovely and warm. However, due to the nature of sheepskin, you are not advised to wear them in excessively wet or muddy conditions. They are also impractical for snowy weather. If you so find you need to clean your boots at any time you must always use cold water to do so. Hot water can permanently damage the delicate sheepskin and so should be avoided at all costs. For the same reason, you must ensure your boots are left to dry naturally and are not situated near a direct heat source. The boots should be stuffed with newspaper when drying in order for them to keep their shape. The newspaper also absorbs some of the moisture from the boot and so aids the drying process. Chemical products are available to help with the cleaning process but they should be used with care and only products specifically for this type of boot should be used as others may cause damage.

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