Death penalty: for or against?

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Every evening when we sit back on our sofas and relax, we watch TV. In the evening action is on mostly. Daily we see how someone is murdered, but we find it exciting and watch such films with pleasure. What could the consequences be if some of these episodes could be taken into the real life? A verdict can be very strict, the most cruel verdict at all. Murderers are charged death penalty. But nowadays we have a conflict on this basis. Should one be condemned to death or just get a life sentence and that’s it? Those who stand for death penalty always use the famous Bible quotation “An eye for an eye”. They also refer to the Bible when they say that someone breaks one of the Ten Commitments which is “Don’t kill”, and the punishment is death. Revenge is a powerful motivator to take actions. Those whose relative was killed want the criminal to suffer as much as their beloved has suffered. Death penalty was widely used in the past and for different purposes. For example your head could be cut of for stealing the cattle in Frankish Empire, you could be tortured and killed for betrayal in Old England, and you could be fed to the dogs for killing a lord in Old Germany and so on. The examples can be numerous. But the question is: do we possess the authority of God to take somebody’s life even if he/she took somebody else’s? Are we to judge other people? This can be a good topic for a custom term paper if to go deeper into the problem. God tells to forgive, this is also one of the Ten Commandments and we are not to break it. Nowadays a saying “An eye for an eye” is a bit old-fashioned. You will not kill a cat because he accidentally scratched you. We live in a democratic, free state where everybody is equal before the law and have to behave as such. In Europe there is no country left where death penalty still exists. It is rather hard to believe, for Europe was eager to execute everybody who went against the law. The ways to punish became milder, easier, and faster. Then, step by step, death penalty was canceled because of victory of humanism over revenge. What is worse: death penalty or life sentence? A lot of students perform a term paper order on this topic. This idea can bring a good grade to the owner if closely researched. Of course life is the main value and there is nothing more valuable, but what is life, spent in for walls with those who were originated in the gutter of society, thinking about what a fool you were to do such a fatal mistake. But people who deserve to die have to be kept in very severe conditions. Unfortunately, our society can create real monsters that will not consider killing somebody an awful sin and crime. But no matter how guilty a person is, humans have no right to kill others to revenge; we have no right to do so. We are not to judge, this is God’s authority to decide. And who knows, maybe killers are suffering more when they are locked in four walls than when they peacefully pass away to the other world.

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