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If you are one of those people that are too busy to remember the occasions which are really important and further more, too busy to go shopping for the wonderful gifts you would like to offer in those occasions, you are the person that should look for Doghouse. And to be honest aren’t we all to busy in this fast-paced world? Why not try to make life easier and less stressful, please the dearest persons to us with great gift ideas and in the same time have a little fun in the process?

Does it seam impossible to you? Just go and see what has to offer. is providing Internet-based online reminders via email, mobile phone SMS reminders and an online gift catalogue and service. The birthday remindersystem is an ingenious one and will help you remember to buy that present when the special day is approaching. The process for you is as simple as entering in the details of the date of the birthday, anniversary or occasion, and let The Doghouse know how far in advance you'd like to notified. You will receive a prompt reminder to buy a gift straight to your laptop or mobile phone. Once you know you have to buy a gift, your worries are not over. We all know how time consuming is looking for gifts and how difficult is to choose one. That is why Doghouse can even give you some suggestions of appropriate gifts. No matter what your budget is, for who you are buying the gift, or what the occasion is, you will find here the best solution for you. has a huge range of unusual gift ideas for people who don’t have the time to go shopping. If you are looking for a traditional gift like chocolates, flowers or a special bottles of beverages we can help you. Personalised Bottle of Champagne is a real success.


And there is an entire range of personalised gift ideas so you can really make your giving all the more special. We are free to choose from an array of Newspaper Gift Books or Football Books, the perfect way to always remember a special day like a wedding or a birthday. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary you could give someone the gift of becoming a Laird (Lord) or Lady of the Glen or an acre of land on the moon. Why not offering a luxurious weekend of pampering in a top hotel or a real adventure with a 30 Minute Flying Lesson or a Half Day Off Road Driving. An awe-inspiring hot air balloon flight is definitely a gift to remember. Looking to something more substantial? Give them a real Share in their favourite company like eBay, Cadbury or Rolls Royce or spoil someone with an Orient Express Moveable Feast For Two on the Northern Belle or a Photo Make-over.

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