Bands With A Cause – Silicon Wristbands

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The latest craze to hit the fashion scene is the silicon wristbands. Though some fashion experts are terming them as a passing fad, they are the hottest selling fashion items right now. Lance Armstrong, the cycle champion who survived cancer, has popularized them. Types of Silicon Wristbands Livestrong Band: These were the first band that came into the market. Lance Armstrong introduced them in support of people battling cancer. Its sale shot up after the talk show queen, Oprah Winfrey, popularized it on one of her talk shows. Celebrate Hope Band: This purple band is a memorial band worn in honor of all the people who have lost their lives to deadly cancer of all types. Live Free Smoke Free Band: This band is orange in color and is worn as a moral support to encourage people to quit smoking. Courage Band: This band is red in color with a stamped ribbon marker on it. This is in support of people battling AIDS, people who lost their lives to it and also in support of AIDS research. Anti Racism Band: These bands were introduced in the wake of increase in racism after 9/11. There are two bands in one, the black one crossing over the white one. By wearing them, you can show your dedication to cultural tolerance and racial equality. Tsunami Relief Band: The band is aqua blue in color. It is in remembrance of people who lost their lives in the Asian Tsunami of December 26th; 2004.The band is etched with the word’s “one world one cause” and recognizes the world as one family. Support Our Troops Band: This is a yellow ribbon that is worn to show support to US troops stationed worldwide. Radio 1 Bully Band: It is sold in support of bullying awareness programs. It is blue in color. Breast Cancer Band - This band is pink in color and is worn in support of women who are suffering from breast cancer. Purples Paw Band - This is a purple band sponsored by ‘Crafts n scraps’ in support of cruelty free campaigns and animal shelters. The profits will help Maxfund, a shelter for abused animals.

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