Anyone To Care For You

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Are you a fortunate person to have someone in your life who cares for you? I don't mean care in the sense it is commonly used. But who cares for you like your mother used to, when you were a child? You are a grown-up person now. Does that imply that you don't need anyone to take your care? Don't you need someone to ask you if you are ok? And then to try and make you comfortable? Don't you need someone who knows what you like and then to arrange for it? Don't you need someone who will put balm on your aching legs? Who will smother you with love, when you feel lonely? Don't you want someone to just come and sit beside you and talk to you in silence? Don't you need someone who will make you cry, because you want to, but can not because you are an adult? Don't you feel that you need someone in front of whom you can cry your heart out? And be sure that someone will wipe your tears? Or because you are adult, such things are not done? Even if one feels extreme pain of any kind, one can cry either in church or all alone in a park? We are adults. But there is a child in all of us. We are fighters, but sometimes we lose the battles. We can bear every pain, but sometimes the pain can overcome our capacity. We all need a person in our life, who can be our mother, even if we are eighty years old. Who can understand that we need care. We wish to be pampered. We want someone to take our face in lap and comfort us. Yes, we can deny all this, but we need someone who cares for us. All of us need a person who takes our care. If we are allowed to cry, if we are made to speak about all our troubles, if we are pampered to relax us, we will feel heavenly. But unfortunately we are all adults. These essentials of living are for kids. For adults, it is a corner in their homes or in the office, where they can sit and worry and show to the world that they are adults.

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