Quiz – Women, Find Out About Your Attraction

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Since ages women have considered looking beautiful a priority. This need not distract us away from their abilities as a human being which are no lesser than those of men and in many cases more than those of men. When we talk of attraction, beauty has always been associated with women. If you are a woman, how about quizzing yourself about your attraction? Let us begin from what others think. That point of view may not be most important but is very important. How do others find you? Has someone complimented you about your particular qualities? Have men complimented about your beauty, or attraction. This may have been direct or indirect. Talk to some of your friend, both men and women. Find out what they think and seek their frank opinion. The major reasons why some women fail to attract others is the under projection of femininity. God has made men and women differently. If a woman talks as loudly as men, where is the femininity? Bring out all your qualities that make you more feminine. That is how you were born. More application of makeup sometimes distracts from natural beauty. If your skin is good, why apply more makeup? Consult a good makeup artist and find out how to accentuate your plus pints and hide your defects. It goes for dress style. Put on dresses that are feminine. Let men wear manly dresses. Looking attractive is easy, but you may have to change some habits and adopt new styles for that. Once you do that, you will find offers of dates coming to you in plenty.

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