Sex Discrimination

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Have you ever filled in an application? If you are a grown up with large experience in business, traveling or just purchasing something, you had to deal with an application obligatory. Except your first and last name there is another question that you have to answer. Denote your sex: male or female. Nowadays this is an obligatory question to answer only because some peculiarities need to be clarified. No discrimination here. Finally we have social equality. Both men and women have equal rights. But discrimination can still be observed. Let’s go back to ancient times. According to the law of ancient Greece, a country which is considered to be a motherland of democracy, women were left with no rights and practically treated like animals. Then step by step we can see the situation improving. Greek Goddesses were equal in powers with Gods. Women were taught several arts and deeds of several famous women were highlighted in mythology. But still they had no right to vote, to have personal property, to govern the land and to speak before they were asked. By the way, this law is still in power in some Muslim countries, were women also have to hide their bodies and cover their faces. An average Muslim woman can’t read and write, for the law forbids her to. But the strangest thing about the fact is that she is happy, despite this obvious discrimination. This is the result of ideological influence. The history of some of the Muslim countries goes deep into the millennium BC. Not a speck has changed since then. Religious beliefs are still the same. Some students use this information while writing a term paper. The topic is still burning and leaves a lot to think about. You don’t have to go very far to get information. There was the same situation in Europe, the crib of civilization. Women had no right to vote, but they were to know how to read, to write, to do accounting, to watch over the household and other things. Rather liberal, you can say. But with the development came women’s desire to be equal to a man. Women went to colleges, worked as lawyers, made careers in politics and this is where discrimination showed its true face. If a company was to choose between a man-lawyer and a woman-lawyer, their choice would be a man, because there was no belief in woman’s ability to cope with tasks that a lawyer should do. Women in politics were met very coldly. No man considered a woman to be strong enough to represent other people’s ideas in front of the parliament. According to man’s logics, woman couldn’t be involved in scientific research and couldn’t serve her motherland in the army. Now the situation has been greatly improved. Feminism was a great motivator for women who didn’t join the stream, to themselves in a bit different role than a mother and a housewife. Now women and men are equally treated and there seems to be no discrimination. But if to go deeper into the problem, the essence of it still exists and women still suffer from discrimination. The only difference is that now they consider it unacceptable and fight for their rights while in Middle Ages they were quite satisfied with their status.

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