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Legacies Are Societal Actions

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Have you ever thought that you have not done much with your life? During a recent conversation with a very dear friend, she expressed this very same sentiment. I was astounded that this energetic, high family and work ethic person had this negative self-image, but pleased that she felt comfortable […]

John Reese’s Top Traffic Secrets

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Track all sources of traffic generation. John Reese stresses the need to track where all traffic comes from and at what cost. It is crucial to know exactly how many sales, newsletter sign-ups, or other leads your particular marketing campaigns generating. This enables you to work smarter and not harder. […]

Biodiesel The Alternative Fuel

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: What Is Biodiesel? Biodiesel is a fuel made from vegetable oils. Rapeseed and soybean oils are the most commonly used, although other vegetables oils such as mustard, palm oil, hemp and jatropha have been tried and seem to show a lot of potential. These are listed or called Virgin Oil […]

Drug Rehab: Outpatient vs. Inpatient – What’s The Difference?

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: When an addict finally decides to seek out the help they so desperately need, they will have two primary types of addiction treatment programs to choose from: inpatient and outpatient.   Understanding the differences and similarities of these two programs will help make it easier for the addict and their […]

Is The End Near?

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: During the past year, hundreds of thousands have perished at the hands of a mother nature run amok. Tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, and torrential rains have served us notice that for all our brilliant achievements, we are not masters of the earth. Those who adhere to the prophecies of the past […]

The Life Of Luxury(Green With Envy)

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: It is always nice to see how the other half lives, take for instance there is the Life of Luxury: the George Hamilton way. This is a TV show which looks at the lives of the Super Rich in which the first episode looks at the PlayBoy Mansion, a collection […]

How to Tell if Your Partner is Cheating on You

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: David Maillie We hear about it and see it on TV talk shows like Oprah, Dr. Phil, Ellen, and of course The Jerry Springer Show. We just hope it will never happen to us. Cheating is awful in a relationship. It is devastating and usually leaves permanent emotional scars if […]

Memory Research Misses The Obvious

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: The search to reveal a mystery Research laboratories around the world sought the location of human memory. The research had followed diverse leads. One clue related to the branched inputs of nerve cells, called dendrites. Branch growth was assisted by a protein called cypin. Some memory disabilities were related to […]

Has TV helped the Online Psychic Readings Industry ?

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Moonwhisper.com as well as many other psychic reading websites has proven that the internet is a viable venue for professional psychics to display their services and provide an obviously very lucrative service to the major players in the online psychic reading industry. With an increasing demand for high quality and […]

Medical Malpractice – You Are Not Helpless

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: To often, the general public just sits back as very qualified doctors and medical professionals make mistakes in the normal course of their everyday business. Their business is the treatment of us, the average citizen. Over the years we have placed Doctors (and some extent Lawyers) on top of pedestals […]

Dangerous Children In A Dangerous World

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Juvenile violent crime rates increased 62% from 1988 to 1993, and then declined by just 6% from 1993 through 1997, according to the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP). However, the rates for juvenile drug and curfew violations, sex offenses, and simple assaults have continued to increase. The […]

Common Dream Symbols And Their Meanings

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Dreams and their meanings are as individual as the people who dream them, but the following list of common dream symbols and some of their many meanings can help you get started in the fascination and the "fun world" of dream interpretation. Fog Fog in a dream can be a […]

How to Play Texas Holdem

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Texas Holdem has become such a popular Game that most tournaments now days are Texas Holdem games, and there are even 2 or 3 television shows dedicated to the game. Texas Holdem is a 5 card poker game, but instead of each layer being dealt 7 cards, the dealer deals […]

Volunteering For A Charity Organisation

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Many people volunteer to work with charity organisations. It is a chance to help your chosen charity by the giving of your time and skills, and also getting something back in return. If you want to help a charity, and you don’t have much money to give in the way […]

Tarot Deck Of Cards

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: The tarot deck of cards, usually 78 in number, is divided into two separate categories, the major and the minor arcana (arcana from the Latin meaning of closed or secret). There are 21 individual cards, referred to as trumps, and the fool card in the major arcana. The minor arcana […]

Rubber Cancer Bracelets – The Humble Tool That Raised Millions

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Cancer is the second largest cause of death in America. Thousands die every year from the disease, yet no really effective cure has been found for it. Rubber cancer bracelets have contributed heavily to the cause of cancer research; millions from their sale have poured into the research labs where […]

Hindu Astrological Predictions

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: For thousands of years the Hindus in India were using the planets and stars to predict the future and confirm the past. The Hindu astrology defines the characteristics of a person depending on the place and the time of birth. The place and time of birth corresponds to a start […]

Are All Of Us Cruel In Some Way

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: The dictionary meaning of word cruel says - to make someone suffer or to give pain to someone. Are all of us cruel in our own ways? Some of us are more than others, but is cruelty a part of every personality? Let us look at it from the other […]

One Day In A Central Asian School For Children With Special Needs

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: While working on a student practical task in one of the Universities of Asia, in Department of Psychology, I had an opportunity to visit a boarding school for children with chronic psychic illnesses or underdevelopment. That was an unforgettable experience. The boarding school was an old ugly building on outskirts […]

Wrong Blames Can Kill A Life

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: To blame means to accuse someone of doing something wrong. It is very easy to put blame on a person when things begin going wrong and hammer that person left and right for being responsible for all the mess. Let us look at this further. Sometimes, in our personal relationships, […]

Immigration Research

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Probably the most important question and possibly the hardest to answer is “is this the right thing to do”? This, of course, is the question only YOU can answer and it depends a lot on your family. If you’re single then there are your parents, siblings, and other close family […]

Personality Types – Aggressive Or Passive

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: I am the world. The world must obey me. I can never be wrong. I know what is to be done and how. All of you must follow what I say without any protest, because I tolerate no dissent. I am the storehouse of all the knowledge and what I […]

Simple Sources Of Alternative Energy

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: There is a lot of talk in the world today about the energy crisis and about ways that we can contribute to the solution. I don't know about you, but I get overwhelmed and tired when I hear about the nearly endless amount of problems that threaten our environment each […]

Why do We Celebrate Birthdays

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Why do we celebrate birthdays? What is it that we are toasting? Is it the fact that we have survived another year against many odds? Are we marking the progress we have made, our cumulative achievements and possessions? Is a birthday the expression of hope sprung eternal to live another […]

And I thought I was the father of all my children!

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Pauline Houle In some foreign cultures, not so long ago, women entering into adulterous behaviour had their nose cut off so the rest of the female community would know what to expect if they broke their bond with their husband. Other cultures, still to this day, disfigure their women if […]

I'm Glad I Have A Table

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: love my house. I love almost everything that is in my house. I'm glad that I have a bed to sleep in, a hot shower to take on cold days, and a refrigerator that keeps my food cold. I've recently realized, however, the my table is one of the best […]

The Passing of Liu Zhirong

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Liu Zhirong was a 42-year-old schoolteacher at Tuanjie Elementary School in the Xifeng District of Qingyang City in China. He practiced meditation and aspired to embrace and manifest truthfulness, compassion and tolerance in his daily life. His life was brought to an end prematurely by those who did not have […]

Online Gifts for Everybody

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: If you are one of those people that are too busy to remember the occasions which are really important and further more, too busy to go shopping for the wonderful gifts you would like to offer in those occasions, you are the person that should look for Doghouse. And to […]

Death penalty: for or against?

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Every evening when we sit back on our sofas and relax, we watch TV. In the evening action is on mostly. Daily we see how someone is murdered, but we find it exciting and watch such films with pleasure. What could the consequences be if some of these episodes could […]

Where Did The UGG Boot Appear From?

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: The ugg boot originated in Australia where the term was used to describe any boot made of sheepskin. The word ugg was thought to have stemmed from the word ugly as the boots were not deemed to have been very aesthetically pleasing. So, how did they develop from the ugly […]

Are Psychics For Real?

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Do they or do they not exist? This is the 24-dollar question that is in the mind of most people whose lives have been touched by a psychic in a negative or positive way. Psychics were and are still controversial to this day because certain sectors associate their work sorcery […]

How I Thank You, Let Me Count the Ways

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: There isn’t a day in anyone’s life where we could function without the help, generosity, love or care of someone else. We often get caught up in our day to day lives that we forget to show those people how much they mean to us. Saying Thank You is great, […]

What in the world do I do at a Baby Shower?

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Here are some of our favorites. But before you get started with the games, be sure to get some prizes first. Prizes to consider are full size (not bite size), candy bars, blue or pink pens for the sex of the baby. Additionally, blue or pink balloons with a face […]

Passover: Laugh While Cleaning

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Passover, or Pesach as it is called in Hebrew, is the 8 day festival where the Jews celebrate their liberation from Egypt more than a thousand years ago. One of the most important features of this freedom festival is that the Jews cannot eat anything that is leavened. They eat […]

You Can't Go Wrong With Chocolate Candy Gifts

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: It seems like there are nearly endless occasions for gift giving in today's world. We give gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and a host of other holidays and celebrations. I can hardly make it through a week or two without having the need to get a gift for some kind […]

Young Tsunami Survivors Find New Start At Shriners Hospitals

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: When the Indian Ocean tsunami crashed ashore on December 26, 2004, many things were lost. Homes were swept away, belongings gone forever. Hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives in the disaster. And many of those who survived, including children, literally lost a part of themselves. Seven-year-old Tara Aulia […]

Is The World Getting Sicker More Depraved?

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: If it's true that the Internet reflects our society then one can only conclude that the World is indeed becoming sicker and more twisted everyday. Porn on the Internet is nothing new, in fact it's the number one money earner and has, to a large degree, helped propel it to […]

The Word Love is Overused in Todays Society

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: The word "love" is used in many different situations. The word is defined as an extreme affection towards someone or something; however this is not the case in which it is used by most. People tend to use the word just the same as any other. No actual meaning to […]

Have Too Much? Give It To Charity!

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Every person I know has a house filled with many things. Go into your bedroom and look in your closet. I am quite sure that you do not wear all of the clothes you see (although congratulations if you do!). And I am equally sure that you do not really […]

Why Men Should Get Hair Color Too

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: We all know that men are the first ones to let their image regimen slide. Sure, men tend to get haircuts like clockwork, but when it comes to getting other salon services, like hair color, most men opt for the easy path of non colorization. Even though men tend to […]

Rising Gas Prices Have You Down? Work From Home And Save Money At The Pump

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: With soaring gas prices fueling the strong need to work from home, now is the perfect time to become the business owner you always dreamed about. Think how great that short commute to your home-based office would be for those of you who can no longer afford to travel. You […]

Silicon Wristbands – Enhance Your Personality

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Wristbands/bracelets are encircling strips that are worn on the wrist to enhance the personality of a person. The term is used to refer to bracelet-like bands of a wristwatch, worn to the cuffs or to the sleeves that cover the wrists. They are also used to decorate the wrists or […]

The History And Power Of The Heritage Foundation

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: The Heritage Foundation is a very influential public policy research institute that is located in Washington, DC. It is a conservative “think tank” that has had a significant impact on both domestic and foreign United States government policies. History of the Heritage Foundation The Heritage Foundation was founded in 1973. […]

Marriage Or Prostitution

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: It is said that prostitution is the oldest profession in the world. To prostitute means to give someone the right to use the body for a sum. Do all the prostitutes sell their bodies for money only? Some might be selling their body for food, or a gift or something […]

Discount Fetish

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: We have all experienced the rush of adrenalin associated with the realization that we are about to buy something that has been discounted. Our culture cherishes the notion of a discount via a sale or clearance. The quality of the merchandise or service is seemingly no match for the price. […]

Drug Legalization: The Beginning of the End

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: For decades now, drug use and addiction has grown enormously. What was once an epidemic in lower class urban cities, has rapidly spread throughout the country, subtly leaving its lasting effect. As drug use spreads, there are those who believe that the only way to control this disease is to […]

Zodiac Signs and Horoscopes: Who am I compatible with?

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Love and compatibility with another is something that we all strive for. It is something that is talked about in every social circle and in every walk of life. This notion of love and compatibility is always a hot topic when discussing your “sign” with someone. One of the main […]

Need Something To Do: Serve!

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Are your days dragging on? Are you looking for a way to contribute to your local community? Do you want to get involved in a project bigger than yourself? Do you need some hours to fulfill a community service requirement? If so, I have got the thing for you: serve. […]