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You Cannot Go Wrong With A Chocolate Gift

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Life provides all too many occasions to purchase gifts for family members and friends. We celebrate with the ones we love for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, the birth of babies, graduations and many other significant events. Don't get me wrong, I love to celebrate with people. I love being a part […]

Am I Wanted

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Am I wanted? Does anyone need me? Have you ever asked these questions to yourself? If no, you are a very lucky person. Let us talk more on this subject. We all have our self-esteem. Along with our self-esteem, we also have a desire that someone should need us. That […]

How to throw a Poker game in your Home without your wife finding out

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: It is not uncommon for a man to want to have a night out with the boys, maybe play a little poker. It is also not uncommon to have the plans of men thwarted by their wives. To help with this problem I am telling you the secrets about how […]

Fork Lift Safety

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: A forklift is a motorized work truck that is used to lift and transfer materials by way of large steel “forks” which are inserted underneath a load such as wood, metal, etc. although Forklifts are most commonly used to move loads that are stored on pallets. The forklift was invented […]

Stop the Seduction Factor: Thinking and Time Alone is Good for the Soul

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Cynthia Bull Is it possible to be seduced by society? Yes! In fact, many of us have a vague sense of being mentally seduced, but with no idea of how it happened. All we know is that we're flooded with information, feel a loss of control, and have no time […]

Save an Innocent Life Through Charity Donation – Sponsor a Child!

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: An extremely large number of children all around the world are in serious need of help. Sponsoring a child is a great way of helping these poor children live a better life, and by sponsoring a child with a charity donation you will feel a certain warm feeling of satisfaction […]

Magazine Subscriptions For Men

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: In the 21st century, a growing number of men are becoming interested in different types of magazines. Historically, it was assumed that men were drawn primarily to magazines that were devoted and dedicated to sports. Of course, when it comes to magazine subscriptions for men, sports publications remain at the […]

Katrina: Victims For Life?

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: There can be no debate about the horror of the World Trade Center attack. No conceivable rational excuse for the criminal destruction of spectacular buildings and thousands of innocent lives can be advanced. It was monstrous; it was deadly; it was immoral. Four years later, the survivors still mourn their […]

Fine Print Can Make A Free Trial Expensive

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Consumers often pay the price for not reading the fine print in trial offers for a service, such as a gym membership, a book club, subscription services or travel clubs. Some may forget that it is their responsibility to cancel during the trial if they do not want the product […]

Consider Serving In The Army

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Are you nearing high school graduation and are unsure of what to do next or where to go to college? Or perhaps you are unsure if college is really the right next step for you? You should consider the option of serving with the army. Think about all of the […]

The Latest Hairstyle Fashion and Beauty Trends of the Stars of the Red Carpet

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: David Maillie As Jonathon of the hit new series Blowout says your hair will make you or break you. No where is this more true then on the red carpet. Sport a great dress or outfit and hair and you will be on the cover of nearly every magazine. Sport […]

Unique Gift Giving Through Shriners Hospitals

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Those in search of an unforgettable and timeless gift may find an excellent opportunity in a surprising place. In a gesture that gives in more ways than one, you can recognize loved ones and admired role models by naming a physical structure at Shriners Hospitals for Children. Donations may be […]

Facial Hair As It Is Found In Cultures Around The World

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Facial hair is a secondary sex characteristic in human males. Most men develop facial hair in puberty. Many women also have some facial hair, especially after menopause, though typically much less than men. Eyebrows and eyelashes are also grown by both sexes of all ages. Male pogonotrophy (the growing of […]

Influence of Television on a Person

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: In the twenty first century technology is developing very fast. Advanced technological wonders still surprise us and make us wanting more and more comfort that they create. One of them is television that became popular all over the world now and there is no country, region or village where people […]

The Cause Of Global Warming. Is It You?

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: We know the Earth is getting warmer. The International Panel on Climate Change predicts a global temperature rise of about 5C by the end of this century. That’s enough for major changes. Like in rising seawater levels, in food production and rainfall. Knowing why we are in this fix is […]

Are Drug Addicts Victims Or Criminals?

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: This article is about people who are addicted to illegal drugs, not people who become addicted to prescription drugs that were originaly prescribed by a licensed physician for a legitimate reason. According to most defense attorneys, politicians, religious leaders, Hollywood celebrities and Democrats as well as many prosecutors and judges […]

Shriners' Oldest Poster Boy

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Although comedian and actor Pat Morita has passed away, his influence on Shriners Hospitals for Children will continue to live on. Morita, perhaps best known for his role of Mr. Miyagi in "The Karate Kid" movies, was an active supporter of Shriners Hospitals throughout his life. Now his family has […]

Trouble finding that last minute gift? Here are some tips!

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: It’s down to the last minute, crunch time. You procrastinated all, all MONTH long and you still don’t have anything for mother’s day, father’s day or your Aunt’s birthday. What about the office party next week? Or what about your girlfriend??? Here are some tips to analyze your situation […]

Weaving the Brokenness – Healing the Wound of Mother Abandonment

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: My daughter puts her arms around me, her brown eyes soft and beckoning. Her rounded belly and motherly curves rest against me, and for a moment I choke up. She is pregnant with a girl baby whose middle name will be Joy like mine. She will be my first grand-daughter, […]

Who Is Selfish?

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Who is not selfish in this world? Are all of us selfish? Do we always think of ourselves first? Will you call me selfish even if I donate a large part of my earnings? When will you call me a selfish person, and when will you say that I am […]

The Unique Season Of Autumn

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: There is nothing like autumn. For me, no season quite compares to the beauty and pleasure I experience each year as summer turns into autumn. There are many reasons to love the season of autumn. One of the biggest is the beauty of the season. If you were privileged to […]

The Automatic Champion

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: “Babe” Didrickson Zaharias was a phenomenal athlete. This Texan ran, jumped, rode horses, and played basketball and baseball—with tremendous flair. In the Olympic tryouts in 1932, she won five first places in track and field events. In the games of that year in Los Angeles, she won a gold medal […]

Making Your MySpace Profile Stand Out From the Crowd

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: There is little doubt that MySpace has taken the internet world by storm. The ability for members to make friends and displays their interest, hobbies and statistics (age, location etc.) has seen the site soar to one of the most popular websites on the internet. It is suggested that the […]

Start A Crusade To Help Difficult People

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Countless sad songs have been dedicated to lonely people who can’t seem to cope up with the world. A hit song in the seventies lamented that “sometimes it feels like you and me against the world.” For all we know, it might be that most of us think the whole […]

Catch Up With A Past Classmate

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: After going to school with your classmates for four or even twelve years, it’s hard to imagine ever losing touch. Once you graduate though and realize that everyone is going off to their own schools, jobs or travels it becomes heartbreakingly clear that staying close will be hard. Losing contact […]

Preparing For A Natural Disaster, Terrorists Attack Or Bird Flu Pandemic

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: How prepared are you? Will you be like thousands of others and wait until the last minute to stock up on food and water? Do you even have a working flashlight in your home or auto? As we have clearly seen, waiting until it is too late does not work. […]

What Al Qaeda Will Never Understand About The Katrina Disaster

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: There are rumors that Bin Laden and his minions are sitting around laughing at the spectacle of the mighty United States bungling the relief efforts for the Gulf Coast. It is certainly ironic, and would be laughable if not for the tragedy it caused, that for disasters anywhere in the […]

How To Make A Home-Made Mother's Day Card

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Easy Photo Card We all have them, photos of our kids. Well grab some construction paper or card stock, a photo and some glue and make this adorable little card. You will need construction paper or card stock photo scissors glue glitter sheer ribbon What you do Fold paper or […]

Homeless Youths Are Finding A Home And Hope

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: A program committed to helping young people make the transition from homelessness and hopelessness to stability and success is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Each year, more than one million young people under age 21 find themselves homeless in the United States. Many are runaways, throwaways (young people asked to leave […]

Locating a child daycare

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Day care also called a crиche in Queen's English, means child being taken care of by a person who is not a parent or guardian of the child. Day care is also termed childcare in some countries. Day care is not only an issue about proper care of your child […]

In Search Of The First Ever Amazing Women Of The Year

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Are you a woman who holds the secrets to success in maintaining a healthy home and work life balance? If so, you could be one of the first ever Swiffer Amazing Women of the Year! Swiffer, the revolutionary cleaning system, has partnered with supermodel Cindy Crawford in a nationwide search […]

Retro Toys – Who’s Buying Them?

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: The shelves are packed with toys with a cross generational appeal, but which demographic is buying most? As Christmas looms ahead, thoughts move towards the hottest toys this year and parents steel themselves in the annual slog to make sure they get the sought after merchandise. And so do a […]

Criminal Background Check Get it Quickly Online

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: How often have you been searching for a phone number or address and seen an advertisement for a criminal background check? This tool that was once available only to law enforcement officials is now available to anyone who is willing to pay for it. Think it’s all a bogus ploy […]

How to Concentrate in 4 Magic Steps

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: One of the main problems that deter a person's success is their lack of concentration. Lapses encourage disturbances to get in the way and stall progress. If ones wishes to proceed on their road to success, it is imperative they learn how to concentrate. Here, we show you some easy […]

If You Get Paid, Your Work Is Not Done

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: If you are one of the 156 million workers in America who gets a paycheck, it may pay to take part in a new online payroll survey. The "Getting Paid In America" survey, sponsored by the American Payroll Association, gives America's workers more than just a chance to win a […]

Electronic Discovery – Why aren’t more law firms using it

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: As the technology age creeps upon us and forces us reevaluate our personal lives in everything that we do, the same can be said for how lawyers practice. Partners who have been tied to their pen and paper presentations are now being confronted with a phenomenon that has started to […]

Choosing A Theme For Your Next Event

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: One important aspect of event planning is choosing a theme for your party or gathering. Unless you are planning a wedding or a baby shower, the theme might not be obvious. The theme can be anything you choose, but it's important to remember your guests' comfort and therefore plan with […]

Backgammon Rules: Learn How to Play Backgammon

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: The board game backgammon is one of the most ancient games known to man. It is believed that early variations of the game were played in Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and Ancient Rome. Since then, the game has evolved, changed several names and spread to different parts of the world. It […]

Criminal Record – Stigma For Life

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: If you've ever been convicted of a crime, no matter how small, you know the stigma that you carry with you because of that conviction. Unfortunately, even something as minor as a shoplifting charge or disorderly conduct conviction can make life difficult in so many areas. Probably the area where […]

Power Cells As Alternative To Oil

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: As oil and gasoline prices rise, much hay is being made regarding the possibilities of power cells as a solution to our oil addictions. Here’s a basic primer on power cells. Power Cells As Alternative To Oil More than a few politicians have argued that power cells have the potential […]

Permeability – One Of The Benefits Of Natural Lime Based Plasters

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: As Humans we have three skins. First, our fleshly skin which is breathable. It transpires. Takes in moisture and lets out moisture. Our skin which is the largest organ of our body is a marvelous creation, and one we need to learn from. Our skin offers us protection and comfort. […]

Why Did We Lose The Vietnam War?

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: How is it that we lost the Vietnam War? We the most powerful military in the world’s history, with technology that far exceeds all other countries and made mince meat of several other and larger countries in wars before this? Well I sure can’t believe it and frankly it makes […]

A Sneaker Evolution

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Those shoes that you just can’t live without, that you use for working out, doing yard work, walking, running or just hanging out – the sneaker – has a fascinating history. The sneaker has been around since the 1800s when the Industrial Revolution took hold on America and rubber began […]

How Do You Know If Your Charity Wristbands Donation Is Getting Where It Should?

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: You might have seen your friends and other people wearing colorful wristbands. After all they have become a great sight and an evolving fashion trend as well. But do you know that they are actually available in large numbers as charity wristbands? And as you buy charity wristbands , all […]


Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: I’ve never liked the idea of New Year’s Resolutions. If you make them, you feel that you are somehow accountable, and what if you don’t live up? Who’s keeping score anyway? It could be the most unrelenting taskmaster of all. On a very real level, the worst person you ever […]

Music Teachers Team Up To Feed Hungry Children

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Tune in to a rewarding charity. The World's Largest Concert (WLC) is a musical performance in March celebrating Music In Our Schools Month. This year, the organizer of the event, MENC: The National Association for Music Education, is collaborating with Feed The Children (FTC), an international nonprofit relief organization that […]

Signed Ji-Sung Park Man United Shirt Being Given Away For Charity

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Few have not heard of Ji-Sung Park, the Korean superstar dubbed the “Shaggy Haired-One” of UK Premiership team Manchester United. Park rose to international stardom in 2002, scoring goals against England and France during international friendlies in May, preceding the World Cup of 2002. During the World Cup, he scored […]

Malpractice Claims, High Insurance Costs. Force Doctors To Shut Their Doors

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: A growing number of doctors are limiting the medical services they provide, or leaving their practices altogether, for fear of malpractice lawsuits. That's because the increasingly large awards in malpractice cases are translating into unaffordable insurance premiums for many doctors and hospitals. Even if doctors choose to stay in business, […]

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