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Contact Lenses And You

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Contact lenses are practically a new concept for most people. A lot of people still prefer to wear glasses in order to correct their own visual problems. But sometimes, using eyeglasses present some disadvantages that need to be addressed. If a person is regularly wearing eyeglasses of the ordinary sort, […]

Food For All The Animals

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: The wolves in Yellowstone National Park and the pack's primary food source, elk, continue to support the park's scavenger community. Wolves are so important to the survival of scavengers that scientists continue to wonder what the scavengers did until the wolves were reintroduced to the park a decade ago. The […]

Opening Doors For Those With Disabilities

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: There could be good news for the more than 54 million men, women and children with disabilities in America. Many American firms are finding ways to help them so they don't have to struggle to find drugstores, health care facilities, education facilities, hotels, restaurants and shopping outlets that are easily […]

Laughter: Use It to Pick Up Women

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Humour, some say, is the fruit of life, and this is especially true when it comes to picking up on a girl no matter where the location. Make them laugh, and I guarantee, that you are very close to getting their phone number and even to getting them to go […]

Cowboy Fashion Do's

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Technically speaking, all Stetson Company hats can be branded as a Stetson. However, American popular culture has created for us the image of a Stetson hat as the classic cowboy hat. Cowboy hats are distinguished as having wide brims and high, distinctly-shaped crowns. Straw, fur, and wool felt are the […]

Avoiding the Creative Crimes of the Century

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Criminals are increasingly creative in the methods by which they steal your identity, your money, and your life. They are usually several steps ahead of the average consumer. With how many of the following "creative" schemes are you familiar? * "Dumpster-diving" * "Mail theft" *"Pharming" * "Phishing" * "Skimming" * […]

Help Celebrate Administrative Professionals Week

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: According to the Department of Labor there are 13 million administrative assistant related jobs in the U.S. Those dedicated individuals deserve to be celebrated for the support they offer companies all across the nation. Administrative Professional Week is celebrated the last week of April, with the day being observed on […]

Year in review – Top 12 News stories of 2005

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: As yet another New Year dawns, it is time for us to look back on 2005 and view from the outside all that happened. There were joys, triumphs, and tears. That everything that happens is a learning experience is quite true. Among the many occurrences of 2005 news stories that […]

How to Keep Food Fresh Naturally

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: How many times have we brought food and then forgotten about it only to remember it because it begins to stink? Against this, you cannot do anything, but you can ensure that your food lasts longer and keeps fresh. How? There are many things you can do, such as regularly […]

A Military Tribute

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: It is truly beyond my abilities to express my gratitude and give my thanks to the military for their service to the world as they fight for our freedom. It is my hope that the following tribute will in part do that. We are at war! While we enjoy our […]

Join The Fight Against Racism And Hatred

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: In 1991, a California motorist named Rodney King was brutally beaten by four police officers in an incident widely regarded as racially motivated. The next year, the YWCA USA initiated the Day of Commitment to Eliminate Racism in response to that incident, the subsequent acquittal of the police officers charged […]

Is There Income After Peak Oil And Economic Collapse? There Is If You're Clever

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Many predict that the world will soon experience an economic depression, brought on by a variety of factors, but most particularly Peak Oil - the lessening production of petroleum. (For full information on Peak Oil, see Dry Dipstick - No matter what happens to the economy, you'll probably still […]

Piggotts Provide Support for the Tsunami

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Piggotts Provide Support for the Tsunami Piggotts, the Crown Group’s marquee and furniture hire supplier provided two large hospitality marquees for a recent Tsunami Memorial Service at St Paul’s Cathedral. This prestigious event was hosted by The Department of Culture, Media and Sport, headed by the Secretary of State M.P. […]

Affects of the Tsunami on tourism

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: It was December 26,2004 a beautiful sunny day. There were vacationers all over the gorgeous Asian beaches not a worry in the world. Certainly no one was expecting the devastation that was about to unfold. A tsunami struck out of nowhere going down in history as the most devastating earthquake […]

How To Choose A Lift Chair

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Parkinson’s, Lou Gehrig’s, arthritis and other mobility limiting conditions trouble your loved ones. Being in one of these situations trouble them. It makes them feel useless and dependent on other people. They also sense that they have lost their vigor and free will. As a result they pity themselves. In […]

Christian T-Shirts – Where To Buy

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: T-shirts are a permanent part of our lives, whether we're relaxing in the summer heat or layering to ward off the winter chill. There's just nothing better or more comfortable than a t-shirt. But you probably don't want a boring, plain old white t-shirt. You want one that's got style […]

Do You Know A Southern Hero?

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: You don't have to be a Southerner to know a Southern hero. What's more, you may know one without realizing it. Southern heroes take many forms, but - above all-they're anyone who makes the South's communities stronger, safer and more united. That could mean a devoted teacher, heroic firefighter, tireless […]

The Claiming Compensation Culture in Europe

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: For many years now there has been a stigma attached to the "Compensation Culture". Ever since the American big boom over a decade ago when everybody seemed to be having their day in court. There were of course many horror stories, such as the man who dragged a lady from […]

The Green Card Rush Has Started

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: The U.S. Government has issued 65,000 green cards this year for the purpose of allowing people of foreign birth to live and work in the United States. But what is a green card? How does it work and what is the application process? A green card is usually issued to […]

When It's Good To Be Used

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: In today's world, more businesses in the construction industry are finding it more financially beneficial to their businesses to aquire used construction equipment and used heavy construction equipment, when compared to buying them brand new. Most business managers prefer the low capitial investment when buying top quality used construction equipment […]


Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: One of the most debated subjects around the world is forgiveness. Somebody does something wrong, either against an individual, or against the society. To forgive means to pardon the accused with no resentment left. If forgiveness is complete, the act of offense is totally forgotten, as if it never took […]

Health Issues Concerning Asian Women

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Did you know that Asian American women are at high risk for developing osteoporosis? Statistics actually show that Asian women in the United States have many of the same risk factors as Caucasian women. If you are Asian American woman, it is important that you understand what osteoporosis is and […]

Inexpensive Gifts

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: By Jeff Kennedy Is an expensive gift more valuable than an inexpensive one? When you are considering a gift, what do you settle for—an expensive gift or something special that conveys a message? Does the price of the gift really matter? The thing to remember is that gifts are meant […]

Can You Really Improve Your Chances Of Winning The Lottery?

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: The Lottery is a game of chance, with the odds stacked against you horrendously. In the UK National Lottery for example the chances of winning the jackpot by picking all 6 numbers from 49 is around 14 million to one. So how do you make these odds of a lottery […]

Soldiers, Slaves And Freedom Seekers

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Every school child has probably heard of George Washington and Paul Revere, but African-American hero Ned Hector hasn't made it into most history books. Now visitors to the Valley Forge area will hear about Hector and other black heroes of the American Revolution and Civil War, through special events and […]

The Era Of Disaster Recovery And Prevention… And What It Means To Investors

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: The recovery from Katrina and Rita ushers in a new era of Disaster Recovery and Prevention. Governments and people are rethinking their response to disasters and the steps they can take to prevent or minimize the worst consequences. The biggest catalyst for this new era is the political fall-out from […]

Tradition Energy: Calculating Our Educational Power Bill

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Seeing an orbital image of planet Earth at night you immediately become aware of two things. Firstly, how much energy is used to maintain the human experiment; secondly, how inequitably it is distributed around the globe. As James Lovelock recently observed, “civilisation is energy-intensive” yet the real energy that is […]

Cannibalism and Human Sacrifice

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: "I believe that when man evolves a civilization higher than the mechanized but still primitive one he has now, the eating of human flesh will be sanctioned. For then man will have thrown off all of his superstitions and irrational taboos." (Diego Rivera) "One calls 'barbarism' whatever he is not […]

Is This Funny: Can We Develop Non-Violent Humour?

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: “In its original historical meaning, a cartoon (from the Italian cartone, meaning "big paper") is a full-size drawing made on paper as a study for a further artwork, such as a painting or tapestry. In modern print media, a cartoon is an illustration, usually humorous in intent.” The current […]

Stop Work Be More Productive And Kill Computer Related Stress

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Sorry, computer related stress (CRI) will eventually harm you if you insist on slaving away non-stop at a computer for hours without a break. To make sure you can be more productive long term, you MUST pace yourself. - For starters, you need to take a five or ten minute […]

Women Shop Like Santa; Men, Like The Grinch

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: It has long been argued that men and women differ greatly when it comes to shopping, but how are they really distinct? The first major difference is that most women actually look forward to holiday shopping, 60%; while only 42% of men do. However, this does not mean women are […]

Fuel for Thought

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: I see the following call to arms over high gas prices in the USA is making the rounds again ... Here's a message I received recently from someone I know, who felt the need to transmit it to their entire e-mail address book: GAS WAR-- An Idea "This was originally […]

A Noble Mission

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Over 25 years ago, a fellow named Don Shoendorfer was traveling in Morocco and witnessed a sight that inspired him to make a difference in the world. To bear witness to the sight of a crippled Moroccan woman dragging herself across a dirty road in the middle of town proved […]

Alcohol Rehab: How Rehab Centers Help Addiction Recovery

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Alcohol addiction is a serious disease. Not only can it tear a family apart and lead to financial ruin, it can also lead to the premature death of the alcoholic. Therefore, it is vital for person suffering from this disease to find help immediately. Without help, it is nearly impossible […]

Have a cause? Wear a rubber wristband!

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: They are the hottest wearable right now, despite the fashion gurus adding the adjective 'once trendy' while referring to them. Yes we're talking about rubber wristbands. You can't escape them anymore. Be it evacuees at Gaza or NBA football stars, all are wearing these bands. Passing fad? Don't know, but […]

Ethical Relativism and Absolute Taboos

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: I. Taboos Taboos regulate our sexual conduct, race relations, political institutions, and economic mechanisms - virtually every realm of our life. According to the 2002 edition of the "Encyclopedia Britannica", taboos are "the prohibition of an action or the use of an object based on ritualistic distinctions of them either […]

One Child's Death Is One Too Many – Preventing Backovers In America's Driveways

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Vehicle backover injuries and deaths occur when someone, without a driver's knowledge or awareness, is positioned behind a vehicle as the driver is backing out of a driveway or other parking spot. Most victims of backovers are children and the elderly. To add to the tragedy of backover injuries and […]

Are You Lucky

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Do you have someone who can feel the pain in your eyes? Do you have someone who can understand the ache of your heart? Do you have someone who can understand your misery? Do you have someone who can understand your helplessness? Do you have someone who can wipe your […]

What Can Happen to You as a Victim of Identity Theft, Facts Figures

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Is identity theft really that serious? Thousands of people every year are victims of this terrible crime. Thieves use your personal information to commit fraud or other crimes in your name and can cause significant credit damage. Identifying information taken without your permission, such as your Social Security number (SSN), […]

Impress With Great Birthday Party Invitations

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: My philosophy in life is simple: if you are going to do something, then take your time and do it well. This goes for almost everything you do. If you are going to cook a meal for your family, than cook a great meal. If you are going to get […]

Ghost Mothers

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: So many women talk about their relationships with their mothers—no matter how old they are. For some, their mother, from whom they have supposedly separated long ago, still occupies a central place in the psyche. She’s too close, she’s too much. She has advice, is nosy, and interferes. The daughter […]

Desperate Haste

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: "Why should we be in such desperate haste to succeed, and in such desperate enterprises?"... Henry David Thoreau. These lines were written while Thoreau was living in hut at the edge of Walden pond near Concord, Massachusetts, between 1845 and 1847. Even then, this individualist philosopher recognized the problems of […]

Americans Really Do Get The Paper

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: While you read this publication, you're far from alone. At least in spirit. Every day, more than 200 million Americans read one or more of the nation's 1,400 daily papers. There are six good reasons: 1. It's fun. Read the latest gossip, sports scores or movie reviews if you like; […]

7 Ways to Grow Flowers

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Flowering landscape trees are the crown jewels of the yard. Perhaps no other plants, individually, can have as great an impact on how a yard looks in spring. Browse the articles to which I've linked below for information on particular varieties of flowering landscape trees. Pictures are included. Crape Myrtles: […]

Giving Gift Certificates

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Buying gifts for anyone can be difficult. You need to balance whether the recipient will like the gift with the type of gift you can afford. Add to this the fact that you may have been buying the same person regular gifts for many years and it can be very […]

Choosing An Active Adult Community

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Taking the plunge into retirement or semi-retirement can be daunting enough without making the choice to move into a new home at the same time. But many people age 55 and above are choosing to leave their high maintenance or too large family home to move into active adult communities, […]

The Hurricane Katrina survivors will be victims again… GUARANTEED!

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: This time it will be our own governments mostly that will do the victimizing but some businesses will get it on it as well. Its simply one of the biggest revenue generating processes utilized by various levels of governments that very little is known of by the regular citizen. It […]

Love Test – Will You Dump Her Because She Is Taller?

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Let us take an example of a couple. The girl is taller than the man. They are both in deep love. They like each other and they want to be together. But conventions say that man should be taller than the girl. What should they do? It is because of […]

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