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Can you believe what people say about their wants and wishes? (Part I)

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: A scientific study (Horsky D., Nelson P., Posavac SS. Stating Preference for the Ethereal but Choosing the Concrete: How the Tangibility of Attributes Affects Attribute Weighting in Value Elicitation and Choice. Journal of Consumer Psychology, 2004, Vol. 14, No. 1&2, Pages 132-140) compared the attractiveness of five sporty car attributes […]

Pets: How to Take Care of your Dog

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: The Bond that can come between a person and a dog can be extremely strong, especially if that bond had been strengthened living with each other for many years, I have personally cried after loosing our family dog that had been like a best friend to me from my birth […]

Quiz – Women, Find Out About Your Attraction

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Since ages women have considered looking beautiful a priority. This need not distract us away from their abilities as a human being which are no lesser than those of men and in many cases more than those of men. When we talk of attraction, beauty has always been associated with […]

Anyone To Care For You

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Are you a fortunate person to have someone in your life who cares for you? I don't mean care in the sense it is commonly used. But who cares for you like your mother used to, when you were a child? You are a grown-up person now. Does that imply […]

Find A Reliable Vending Company

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Installing one or more vending machines is becoming an increasingly popular option for many companies. Whether it is tea and coffee dispensers, or snacks and sweets, vending machines are far cheaper than running a canteen and saves the company a huge amount of money in time lost by staff making […]

Bands With A Cause – Silicon Wristbands

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: The latest craze to hit the fashion scene is the silicon wristbands. Though some fashion experts are terming them as a passing fad, they are the hottest selling fashion items right now. Lance Armstrong, the cycle champion who survived cancer, has popularized them. Types of Silicon Wristbands Livestrong Band: These […]

Snack Gift Basket

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Hali Shipon Everybody likes to receive a Snack Gift Basket. Not many years ago, it was traditional to give plants and gifts on birthdays, anniversaries and other memorable occasions. Over the past few years, the giving of Snack Gift Baskets has increased and become much appreciated, relegating the gifting of […]

Expressing Love Should Be Natural

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: I looked in her eyes and I knew that she was in love with me. Her eyes told me that. I had asked him to meet me at five pm, and he was there at three thirty. I knew what was happening. His movements and his heartbeat told me all. […]

Life Advice: Looking Through a Window

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Living in today's metropolitan world of cellular phones, mobile computers and other high-tech gadgets is not just hectic but very impersonal. We make money and then invest our time and effort in making more money. Does it end? Not usually because we are never satisfied. How many times have we […]

Sports Gift Baskets

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Hali Shipon That special little boy in your life has just scored his first homerun. What better way to congratulate him in a way that he will always remember, than to send him a fabulous Baseball Homerun Gift Basket? Delivered Sports Gift Baskets are now big business. In the last […]

What Should I do if I Become a Victim of Identity Theft

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Identity thieves take advantage of everyday opportunities to discover your personal information and use it to commit fraud or other crimes. The good news is a victim of identity theft has more options today than ever before. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), there are four important actions you […]

Spike Lee: Top Films and Unforgettable Controversies

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Spike Lee is one of the most influential and provocative American moviemakers. Recently, he celebrated the 20 year anniversary for the release of his remarkable debut film Shes Gotta Have It. His films are groundbreaking in their controversial approach towards social and political issues and offer different perspective on race, […]

Managing Hazardous Household Waste – Your Roles And Responsibilities

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: It is no secret that the quantity of household waste produced is increasing year after year at an alarming rate and governments are under pressure to expand existing landfills or build new ones to accommodate the waste that is being produced. What is Hazardous Household Waste? Household waste is leftover […]

Pain Of Living

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Pain. Immense pain. Sometimes unbearable, and sometimes incomprehensible. So many of us live life in pain. The pain of decision-making. The pain of thinking about life. The pain of keeping dead relationships alive. The pain of memories that haunt us. The pain of fear. The pain of getting up in […]

Criminal Record – Affordable Housing

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: It is a common fact that persons with criminal records, though they have paid their debt to society, are still denied many of the basic rights that most people take for granted. Aside from jobs, applications for credit, and a number of other things, affordable housing is pretty close to […]

Glitters Of Gold

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: When you have a dream and follow it with your complete being, the most unusual opportunities unfold. During the early 1840s John Sutter wanted to build a large agricultural empire in California. He had managed to get there from Switzerland, and was determined that nothing get in his way. He […]

Will You Live Together Till Your Death?

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Loving and living together make a wonderful life. If a couple is in deep love with each other, and loyal with the commitment of staying together till death, it will be a beautiful life. After all, we want relationships that survive. We want relationships that help us grow in life, […]

The Scooter – Your Number One Transport Companion

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: The word scooter refers to a motorcycle that has a step through frame where its rider sits without having to straddle any part of the engine. Another difference between the scooter and the motorcycle is the wheel size. Motorcycles have large wheels and average scooters have wheels that are between […]

American Academy of Pediatrics Celebrates 75 Years

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: In 1930, a group of 35 pediatricians who felt that an independent forum was needed to address children's health issues came together in Detroit to form the American Academy of Pediatrics. Today the organization is celebrating its 75th anniversary and boasts 60,000 members. "The AAP has a direct impact on […]

The Revolution? Is It About You?

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Do we have freedom? Do we seek it? Power is within more than just one thought! It takes a passion for what you really want, and to touch that mountain top, it is far away! Or is it? The power of the net may be in your hands! You just […]

A Moving Experience

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: I’ve found a cool apartment! Okay, okay…so it’s not perfect. Just a few bugs. I mean literally! First expense? An exterminator! Is it worth the cash? Well, I can’t afford a more expensive place, so a one-time (please!) cash outlay should be okay. Maybe just a can of “Raid?” I […]

Children Across The Country Help New Orleans Students

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: As workers in New Orleans use bricks and mortar to rebuild the city, Lego is joining the efforts by asking children and parents across the nation to donate Lego bricks for schools and students in New Orleans. The company will match every Lego brick donated to the cause with a […]

One of America’s Best Kept Dirty Little “Secrets”

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: It can happen to anyone!! Young, old; rich, poor; Protestant, Catholic, atheist; it knows not the boundary of neighborhood good or bad; white, black, yellow, brown, green-it knows not the difference of color although it prefers African Americans who are poor; male or female it makes no difference although it […]

The Knife Culture In Britain

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Britain has currently got a knife amnesty in place. This where people are able to hand in their knives without the fear of prosecution, the amnesty is in place until the end of June. The hope is that it will reduce the amount of crimes involving knives including of course […]

Is It Painful Getting Your Body Pierced?

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: As the old saying goes, “no pain, no gain.” The same is true when it comes to body piercing, as many parts of the body are a little more than uncomfortable when the needle penetrates the skin. As distasteful as it may be, a piercing is nothing more than a […]

Love – Thoughts On Love

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Love is the word that makes one go into dreams of bliss and the word that can take one into pain. It all depends, how your love turned out. If you were stabbed in the back, pain will be the result and if you got loyalty, it will be pleasure. […]

Helping Children With Disabilities Get Fit For The Future

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: A new program may help improve the lives of children with disabilities-and help them better manage their health. Sixty-six percent of adults with disabilities are not very satisfied with their lives; 78 percent are unemployed; and they have increased health concerns, including greater susceptibility to additional health problems. However, a […]

Traits And Characteristics Of A Serial Killer – Part Two

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Unorganized serial killers, share a slightly different profile. These types of serial killers tend to have below average intelligent levels and are considered to be socially inadequate; often living alone and someone who does not date. They are usually high school drop outs and have minimal interest in the media. […]

Can America Survive A Nationwide Terrorist Attack?

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: What would happen if loyalists of Saddam Hussein bombed 12 major U.S. cities one week before the presidential election, thrusting the nation and the election into chaos? Sound familiar? A similar scenario recently took place in Spain and could happen to other European and Asian countries that assisted America in […]

How Perceptions of Asian Women Have Changed Dramatically

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Women who are raised in any of the several countries on the continent of Asia are known to be brought up learning how to be submissive and exceptionally pleasing to the men in their lives, especially their husbands. For many years, Asian women have suffered through a lifetime of being […]

The Controversy Over Roadside Field Sobriety Tests

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Lance Knowlton Roadside field sobriety tests (FSTs), developed at the behest of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), are commonly employed by police officers during DUI stops to determine whether a driver is under the influence of alcohol. FSTs generally consist of a battery of three to five exercises, […]

Choosing The Right Retirement Community

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: There are many retirement communities available everywhere in the country. There are retirement communities who may offer the world to you and those who would provide you with the best comfort you need. But how do you choose which retirement community you want to spend the rest of your life […]

Criminal Background Checks: A Necessity In Our Society?

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Everyday the news tells of violence in the workplace and sex offenders on the prowl. The scary thing is that you usually never know who these people might be until it's too late. How many times have you seen an interview of someone describing an accused criminal as the nicest […]

Drug And Alcohol Interventions – A Life Changing Wake Up Call

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: A drug and alcohol intervention is a process of overcoming the barriers, getting across to the addicts and making them realize where they stand and what can be done to come out of the spell of substance addiction. Intervention for drug abuse is a wake up call for someone who […]

Ingratitude Is Hateful

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: We as human beings have many qualities, both good and bad. Some of our bad traits are not very harmful, but some are never forgiven. According to Hindu philosophy, God does not forgive ingratitude under any circumstances. What is gratitude? Simply saying 'thank you' is at times enough to express […]

Get away from it all

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Haven't you ever had time you wanted to get away from it all? In March/April 1978, published a story about a couple who bought McLeod's Island — a 90-acre island off the coast of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. They have a few animals, spend very little on […]

Choosing The Best Flower Shop

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: When choosing a flower shop, you first want to look at the quality of the flowers on sale. Make sure they are fresh. When a shop has a garden nearby, this is a good sign, because its flowers will be freshly picked. Some flower shops even sell roses and other […]

Stun Guns: Why They Are So Popular

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Most people when they hear the words “Stun Gun” think of Star Trek or science fiction. Contrary to that belief, stun guns have become one of the most highly effective, widely used and very reliable in the arsenal of crime fighting tools. As time goes on, their use gains in […]

BBC Banned Music: Top Singles Banned By the BBC

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: The British Broadcasting Corporation also known as the BBC is a public broadcasting corporation. Therefore, it allows itself to ban materials that deviate from certain standards of civility. During the years, many singles that were seen as too explicit, distasteful or bear the potential for offending the British public were […]

Are You A Caring Lover?

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: What kind of lover you are? Do you care for your beloved? Or you are more concerned about what you get in love? Those who care in love always win at the end. Because their care shows in their character and they feel good that they care about someone. Unless […]

Maybe We Need An Occasional Disaster!

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: The suffering and trauma left in the wake of last year's tsunami in Southeast Asia, our own hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma, the earthquake in Kashmir, and the mud slides of Central America, cannot be ignored. But none of these were man-made acts that we can attempt to eradicate, like […]

What's Your Passion?

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Okay, you've decided you want to make money with Affiliate Marketing. So, you join some affiliate programs and start submitting free ads to newsletters and free advertising classifieds sites. You're going to make BIG money now -- right? Nope! Sorry! Just sending out a few ads is not going to […]

Men’s Formal Dress

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: When you receive an invitation card for the formal party, this may be a sign that you are having a move up your career path or it is your first formal charity event. As you read the invitation you see listed among the details "black tie". Does that mean you […]

Moral Dilemmas

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: What is right and what is wrong? Who decides what is morally correct? How does one act so that one does not repent afterwards? This moral dilemma has been the subject of discussion since ages and many of us come across crossroads in our life when we are unable to […]

The Old School Stands Strong

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: There has been a strong trend recently towards on-line greeting cards, or e-cards, as they are more commonly referred to. The automatic assumption would then be that normal greeting cards, the traditional hallmark (bad pun intended) of birthdays, holidays, and graduations would be on the decline, but according to Hallmark […]

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