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Safety Tips For Construction Workers

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Working in the construction industry can be dangerous. The nature of the work carries risks, and accidents can result in serious injuries or even death. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) law requires employers to provide a work place that is safe and free from hazards. Yet, everyday construction workers […]

The Act Of Being Politically Correct Has Gone From The Sublime To The Ridiculous

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: There was a time that being politically correct meant speaking and acting in a considerate manner to others. Now it means speaking and acting in a manner acceptable to the Hollywood and politically left wing Elite who have appointed themselves as the arbitrators of what is proper and what is […]

Neighbours 'Aren't There For One Another&#039

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Latest research has shown that 15 per cent of Britons do not trust their neighbours at all, despite the fact that most neighbourhood watch schemes can help reduce crime in the area and the need to make possibly preventable home insurance claims. Cornhill Direct Home Insurance polled around 3,000 people, […]

Silicon Bracelets

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Silicon bands or bracelets are not just mere silicon loops. They represent the human spirit that can fight all odds. These bands create awareness towards worthy causes. They have been popularized by cancer survivor and cycling champion, Lance Armstrong. He helped generate 15 million dollars for charity through selling these […]

Searchers Follow Ancient Traditions

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: In the past year 36 percent of all Americans age 18 and over used approximately form of complementary color and option practice of medicine to deal with illness. These therapies range from acupuncture to herbs, from stress relieving meditation to botanical products, and have in park that they ar not […]

Press Release: Why SEO Experts Should Not Use Press Releases

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Rumor has it that press releases are the next big thing in the SEO business, and many companies are spending top dollars trying to write the next big press release announcing the next big balloon breaking technology. But is this really the next big thing? By definition, a Press Release […]

Canadian Immigration Documents

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Your Personal and Financial Documents are very important when you submit your application for the Canadian Permanent Residence visa.I recommend sending with your application NOTARIZED copies of all the documents that I will describe the following weeks of the program, except for the following (which should be ORIGINAL): - Immigration […]

Lucky Escapes From Terrorist Attacks

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: I have met many people over the last number of years in my business line of work, stammering tuition, and have heard a couple of remarkable stories of how they narrowly avoided a terrorist attack. The first was a man who was in New York at the time of the […]

Hampers: Aids In House Organization

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: In today fast pace, being disorganized is not an option. Disorganization can lead to confusion, wastage of time effort and money. Simple organizing can prevent clutter, having no clutter to clear thinking and clear thinking to efficiency. Neglecting to clean the house even for one day can make it harder […]

Business And Life Success Secrets Of A Remarkable Woman

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: I have wanted to write this article for some time. It is about what some have called a remarkable woman. As a matter of fact, she was recently featured in a book by the same name, “Remarkable Woman” by Insight Publishing. The businesswoman’s name is Dr. Devona Williams. She is […]

I'll Take Chloe and Her Stun Gun on My Team

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: There she was after leaving Bill Buchanan’s house, sitting in the bar area of a hotel, having successfully eluded the police during curfew in LA, when out of nowhere it happened! A semi drunk patron who had been sitting at the bar approached her not once but twice and just […]

Subliminal Messages, Potentially An Important Tool

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Subliminal messages have many uses. Some are good and many are bad. Since I am a positive person I want to in the next few paragraphs think about all of the potentially good uses of these messages to our sub-conscious. First though you need to understand the power of the […]

Test Your Shopping Style And Improve

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Human beings come in many types. So do our styles vary. All of us have our own unique style. Let us discuss few and find out how to improve our shopping style and how to test our shopping style. Immediate shopper - this kind of shopper looks at something, likes […]

Leather Pants – Are They Your Choice?

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Not everyone can wear leather pants. More importantly, not everyone who can wear leather pants can find a pair that don't leave them looking like they are attending an eighties theme party or convention of ZZ Top fans. Luckily, as the Internet expands more and more, local leatherwear retailers and […]

American Morality – A Glimmer of Hope on the Horizon

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Has the United States lost it’s basic principle of morality? Has the United States moved away from the guiding principles that this country was founded on? A single line from the Declaration of Independence describes these basic principles, and it is the meaning of these words which provided the foundation […]

Need A Crane – Rental Or Contract Lift?

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Crane rental companies have a complete range of industrial cranes available for hire. Even deciding what kind of crane you need is a complex process that will require you to provide planned location, weight of load and distance from the center of rotation (slew) of the crane that the load […]

Shopping For A Flashlight: A Guide

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: A flashlight is such a standard household item that we sometimes take it for granted. We don’t realize there are poorly made flashlights and well-made flashlights. But there are. Here are some tips to buying the best flashlight: 1. Avoid flashlights with low battery life. They might be the cheapest […]

What The Indian Taught Me

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: I have a simple saying that goes like this... "There are 6.2 billion people on this planet and I can learn something new from every one of them." Here is a true story about what I learned from a Miccosukee Indian named Roy. I live on a lake in Miami […]

Are You A Potential Crime Victim?

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: I've been in law enforcement for 17 years and have a great deal of experience working in the street and dealing with the common problems and crimes of the average person. This article addresses the common crimes that are occuring to people when removed from their homes. This is to […]

Communicating on Purpose

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Last week I attended an excellent 2-day workshop called "Staying Grounded When on the Spot," offered by the Public Conversations Project, in Watertown, MA. Geared to help facilitators and trainers manage challenging group moments, I found that the skills applied in a variety of settings, including one-on-one communication "hot spots." […]

Questions To Ask Your Employer Before A Bird Flu Pandemic

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Bird flu? Have you heard of it? You have probably been hearing more about it in the news lately. What is it and why should you be worried about it? Avian influenza affects poultry and wild game birds. It has been mainly in Southeast Asia but is spreading to other […]

Self Defense – Crime Wave in Phoenix and Washington DC

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Recently on the Fox News Network, one of the stories was about a crime wave in Washington DC. What's new you ask? Washington DC has a history of crime waves. These statistics are particularly startling when you consider that Washington DC has so many different levels of police. In the […]

Three Steps to “Take Back the Night”

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: “Take Back the Night” events across the country in April are a grim reminder of just how serious a problem crime against women has become. From domestic violence to date rape, from assault in a parking lot to rapes on a college campus it seems as though women are targets […]

Going The Extra Mile Benefits Everyone Including Yourself

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: In a world where mediocrity is becoming alarmingly common, it's a refreshing change to encounter people who are willing to go the extra mile. If we are lucky we encounter such people on a daily basis. A checkout clerk who is particularly courteous, a co-worker who helps you do something […]

A Better Way To Prepare And Protect America For Catastrophes

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Contrary to popular belief, the epicenter of the strongest earthquake to ever strike the continental U.S. was not in California, but in Missouri. It was so powerful that it changed the course of the Mississippi River. Twenty states, including Hawaii and every state that borders the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf […]

Battery Recycling: Help Your Environment

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Batteries may contain harmful metals and chemicals such as nickel cadmium, alkaline, mercury, nickel metal hydride and lead acid, which can contaminate the environment if not disposed properly. For example, when batteries containing cadmium is used in landfills, they will eventually dissolve and release the toxic substance that can seep […]

Creating True Abundance in Your Life

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Learning how to create abundance in your life is about much more than gathering financial abundance. Abundance is a fundamental facet of nature too. Abundance is apparent in nature; one only needs to look at a field of flowers or wild fruit to understand how nature can be generous to […]

Charity Auction Hits Timely Note For Musicians

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Thanks to the efforts of two award-winning musicians and the support of an internationally known maker of fine time-pieces, a symphony of support has been created for the musicians of New Orleans. Shortly after witnessing the devastation caused in New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina, Harry Connick, Jr. and Branford Marsalis […]

Life Advice: A Lost Friend Speaks

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: When my friend sensed that in a few weeks the light of life was about to be extinguished, and that there was no more hope for him, he called me to his side and said, "If only I had lived my life differently, I might not have felt such an […]

Hydropower As A Major Player In The Energy Game

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Hydropower has been a slumbering giant in the energy game. Since the 1960s, its use has actually gone down compared to other energy sources. This is beginning to change. Hydropower As A Major Player In The Energy Game Hydropower is the massive production of electricity through the conversion of kinetic […]

Understanding Green Card

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: The United States Permanent Resident Card, better understood as the Green Card, is the identification card of individuals who live permanently in the United States but are not U.S. citizens. It is the proof that the person is legally permissible to stay and work in the United States and acquires […]

Procrastination – Why People Delay?

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: To delay or postpone an action that needs to be done is procrastination. I will do this afterwards. There is enough time still. What do these people think by setting deadlines? I have my own priorities. This is boring. What I don't do this work at all? Ultimately what will […]

You Cannot Go Wrong With A Chocolate Gift

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Life provides all too many occasions to purchase gifts for family members and friends. We celebrate with the ones we love for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, the birth of babies, graduations and many other significant events. Don't get me wrong, I love to celebrate with people. I love being a part […]

Am I Wanted

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Am I wanted? Does anyone need me? Have you ever asked these questions to yourself? If no, you are a very lucky person. Let us talk more on this subject. We all have our self-esteem. Along with our self-esteem, we also have a desire that someone should need us. That […]

How to throw a Poker game in your Home without your wife finding out

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: It is not uncommon for a man to want to have a night out with the boys, maybe play a little poker. It is also not uncommon to have the plans of men thwarted by their wives. To help with this problem I am telling you the secrets about how […]

Fork Lift Safety

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: A forklift is a motorized work truck that is used to lift and transfer materials by way of large steel “forks” which are inserted underneath a load such as wood, metal, etc. although Forklifts are most commonly used to move loads that are stored on pallets. The forklift was invented […]

Stop the Seduction Factor: Thinking and Time Alone is Good for the Soul

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Cynthia Bull Is it possible to be seduced by society? Yes! In fact, many of us have a vague sense of being mentally seduced, but with no idea of how it happened. All we know is that we're flooded with information, feel a loss of control, and have no time […]

Save an Innocent Life Through Charity Donation – Sponsor a Child!

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: An extremely large number of children all around the world are in serious need of help. Sponsoring a child is a great way of helping these poor children live a better life, and by sponsoring a child with a charity donation you will feel a certain warm feeling of satisfaction […]

Magazine Subscriptions For Men

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: In the 21st century, a growing number of men are becoming interested in different types of magazines. Historically, it was assumed that men were drawn primarily to magazines that were devoted and dedicated to sports. Of course, when it comes to magazine subscriptions for men, sports publications remain at the […]

Katrina: Victims For Life?

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: There can be no debate about the horror of the World Trade Center attack. No conceivable rational excuse for the criminal destruction of spectacular buildings and thousands of innocent lives can be advanced. It was monstrous; it was deadly; it was immoral. Four years later, the survivors still mourn their […]

Fine Print Can Make A Free Trial Expensive

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Consumers often pay the price for not reading the fine print in trial offers for a service, such as a gym membership, a book club, subscription services or travel clubs. Some may forget that it is their responsibility to cancel during the trial if they do not want the product […]

Consider Serving In The Army

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Are you nearing high school graduation and are unsure of what to do next or where to go to college? Or perhaps you are unsure if college is really the right next step for you? You should consider the option of serving with the army. Think about all of the […]

The Latest Hairstyle Fashion and Beauty Trends of the Stars of the Red Carpet

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: David Maillie As Jonathon of the hit new series Blowout says your hair will make you or break you. No where is this more true then on the red carpet. Sport a great dress or outfit and hair and you will be on the cover of nearly every magazine. Sport […]

Unique Gift Giving Through Shriners Hospitals

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Those in search of an unforgettable and timeless gift may find an excellent opportunity in a surprising place. In a gesture that gives in more ways than one, you can recognize loved ones and admired role models by naming a physical structure at Shriners Hospitals for Children. Donations may be […]

Influence of Television on a Person

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: In the twenty first century technology is developing very fast. Advanced technological wonders still surprise us and make us wanting more and more comfort that they create. One of them is television that became popular all over the world now and there is no country, region or village where people […]

Facial Hair As It Is Found In Cultures Around The World

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: Facial hair is a secondary sex characteristic in human males. Most men develop facial hair in puberty. Many women also have some facial hair, especially after menopause, though typically much less than men. Eyebrows and eyelashes are also grown by both sexes of all ages. Male pogonotrophy (the growing of […]

The Cause Of Global Warming. Is It You?

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: We know the Earth is getting warmer. The International Panel on Climate Change predicts a global temperature rise of about 5C by the end of this century. That’s enough for major changes. Like in rising seawater levels, in food production and rainfall. Knowing why we are in this fix is […]

Are Drug Addicts Victims Or Criminals?

Archived; click post to view.Excerpt: This article is about people who are addicted to illegal drugs, not people who become addicted to prescription drugs that were originaly prescribed by a licensed physician for a legitimate reason. According to most defense attorneys, politicians, religious leaders, Hollywood celebrities and Democrats as well as many prosecutors and judges […]