Men’s Formal Dress

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Excerpt: When you receive an invitation card for the formal party, this may be a sign that you are having a move up your career path or it is your first formal charity event. As you read the invitation you see listed among the details "black tie". Does that mean you need to wear a tuxedo? Will a suit do just as well? If you want to feel comfortable and impress your host, determine what formal attire is expected based on the terms used in the invitation as well as the many choices available to you. 1. Black Tie is a...

Moral Dilemmas

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Excerpt: What is right and what is wrong? Who decides what is morally correct? How does one act so that one does not repent afterwards? This moral dilemma has been the subject of discussion since ages and many of us come across crossroads in our life when we are unable to decide about the morally correct action. Let me discuss this with a hypothetical example. In my example, I have a couple deeply in love with each other. The husband is very protective and cannot bear someone even looking at his wife. The wife is an uneducated lady with no knowledge...

The Old School Stands Strong

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Excerpt: There has been a strong trend recently towards on-line greeting cards, or e-cards, as they are more commonly referred to. The automatic assumption would then be that normal greeting cards, the traditional hallmark (bad pun intended) of birthdays, holidays, and graduations would be on the decline, but according to Hallmark Cards and American Greetings (by far and away the two largest producers of greeting cards in the United States) that is not the case, and both companies have actually continued to sell more cards the last few years than before. According to recent numbers, there were literally billions of greeting...

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